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Freefly Movi Smartphone Cinema Robot: Pro-level iPhone Videography Made Easy


For some years shooting film with smartphone camera has become a popular endeavour for many indie video and filmmakers. While it is not impossible anymore to shoot a complete movie with iPhone or another smartphone camera, what anyone invariably lacks at times is the stability and camera movements that are otherwise done better by movie camera and gimbals.

At last, smartphone shooters have something that can address this shortcoming thanks to a gimbal robot conceived and designed by Freefly for smartphone shooting. Freefly is a well-known gimbal maker for Hollywood movies and the company now came with this innovative cinema robot called Freefly Movi to make your smartphone shooting experience a rewarding one like never before.

Just launched on December 6, the Freefly Movi is expected to bring all the power and flexibility of movie camera gimbals for shooting impressive video with your iPhone. It offers an L-shaped handle in the back of the camera with all the respective controls placed at the top allowing the users to pan or tilt the smartphone just by pressing a button. Awesomely stable video output and versatile movements of the camera as the situation demands are two key strengths of Freefly Movi.

How Does It Work?

Freefly Movi is designed to make your video stable irrespective of the camera movement in all situations. This gimbal for smartphone camera comes with a gyroscopic system which ensures better stability for the video. But it is being presented as the cinema robot just because unlike many of the gimbals available in the market it allows you shooting with real Hollywood-level camera effects with easy controls and manoeuvres. Let us see how it actually works in different modes.

The echo mode of the Freefly Movi helps you shoot video of a particular duration with a particular camera movement of your choice. You can easily select a starting point and end spot along with a duration so that the camera exactly records everything between these two points. The mode works when the setup remains stable in a place or the operator moves on. Through the connected app, you can also choose usual time-lapse video or move time-lapse videos.

Freefly Movi also comes with the majestic mode allowing the operator more ease with a range of controls to choose the camera effects and stabilization. For instance, you can choose horizontal stabilization to deliver rolling effects or shooting a scene with diagonal effects.

Then you have the Orbit Mode allowing the videographer circling around a subject while the subject remains unmoving and still. As reported, the company is already working with AR Kit of Apple to help to track the subject better while moving around. The best thing that you can expect is the slowly panning time-lapse video with the option of presetting the time.

Exceptionally Equipped For Moving Shots

Freefly Movi is particularly great for shooting videos in challenging places where big movie rigs and setups struggle to fit in. Whether in a bursting marketplace or in cramped lanes with all the local folks creating a cacophony and chaos, this small and handy gimbal can just help you shoot the video of your expectation. It is particularly useful at places where getting permission for shooting with large rigs can be a problem. For instance, Freefly Movi can just capture awesomely crisp and smooth time lapses with easy motion control.

When running behind a subject or rotating around your subject, it keeps your visuals stable while fully delivering the camera effects that should follow thanks to your movement. The roll mode which is able to roll the whole camera capturing all around 360-degree views on a horizontal axis is particularly commendable. While shooting complex shots by manoeuvring large rigs you require two or three operators to ensure the expected camera effects with optimum stability. Now thanks to Movi can just help you capturing the same video without the whole setup of rigs and operators.

Price And Availability

Freefly Movi which has almost made pro-level rigs available for mobile videographers while remaining smart, compact and least invasive in size really deserves an applause from all the would-be filmmakers and amateur iPhone video shooters. Freefly Movi has priced little ambitiously at $299 and is now available for pre-order. The shipping of the Freefly Movi is expected to begin from somewhere around the second quarter of 2018.

Final Verdict

Obviously, a professional level video shooting rig for iPhone video shooting is already a much-awaited thing. In that respect, Freefly Movi can be an encouragement to thousands of movie enthusiasts who wish to try their hands in video shooting with their iPhone.