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Flux Electric Bike – The Best Electric Bike that Money can Buy!

Flux Electric Bike

Touted as the best e-bike on the planet, Flux is the top of the line bike with the best design ever, according to many analysts and early buyers. The innovative bike is powered by the batteries that are used in Tesla Model S. With a strong mid motor that assures a smoother ride, here is a powerful e-bike that will appeal to all types of bike lovers. Additionally, it is very rugged and lightweight compared to the competition.

The makers have put in their brains and brawn to build a bike that can stand the test of time and even appeal to all types of bike riders. The makers have even used high-end components that are primarily used in bikes that are priced more than two-three times the Flux. With a brilliant design and lightweight exterior, Flux is set to display its power and range to the world soon.

Flux Electirc Bike – The Bike that Every Bike Lover would Want

FLUX offers three different models: Roadster, Trail, and Attack. Flux does not compromise on looks and performance like the shabbily looking bikes on the market which cost a bomb themselves. Affordable yet functional is the mantra for the makers here.

The central motor has advantages over all types of hub motors because the weight distribution is perfect and the ability to utilize the gears helps in the optimization of torque for increased speed.

The price might be the differentiator for most, but its rugged quality and immense performance makes it one of the best e-bikes in the market. The design is fully dialed for hardcore riding, the travel on trails is seamless while the real kick is driving in the city.

City Ride with the Flux

With 5 ride modes, one can manipulate the ride with the amount of exercise you want. Studies reveal that e-bikes drive people to ride more often and even more than regular bikes!

Commuting on a Flux is a breeze as there is not messy wires and big batteries on it. Going up steep hills is very easy and spending time for biking is now fun because one does not have to fight gravity. Flux is efficient while riding downhill too which means one can get faster downhill action in a single day. What’s more, you can relax while biking too by hitting the throttle and zoom away.

Impeccable Features

1. Bofeili Mid-Drive Motor

This mid-drive motor is in competition with the bigger hub motors and supersedes their performance by many a mile. With the help of bikes gears, one can achieve quick hill climbing, better range, and faster speed. Integrated Lithium Battery The lithium battery integrated with the Flux puts in more kilowatt hours than other electric bikes of its class. It also features a 17A extended battery, with the highest capacity Panasonic cells in the world, comparative with the Tesla model S. One can even charge their iPhones through the USB port many times.

2. Thumb Throttle

If the biker does not feel like pedaling, one can hit the throttle and cruise away to the destination that they want to go to. With throttle only, it is possible to travel more than 20 miles per hour.

3. Backlit LCD Display

Reminiscent of the cockpit for your bike, one can look into the LCD display to see how fast you are traveling, the distance that you have covered, the average speed and the overall battery life. One can even program the entire speed limit for local law abidance.

4. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

All Flux models include hydraulic disc brakes that stop the motor when applied. One can be in incredible control of the bike with easy stops.

5. Shimano Gears

The Shimano gear system with 9 speed cassette works with the powerful motor to deliver maximum acceleration and great velocities. One does not have to sacrifice on performance. All the advanced gears get the user three times the torque range of the other bikes endowed with hub motors.

6. Pricing and Availability

Flux is available in 3 variants – Roadster, Attack and Trail. Roadster is priced at $1249, Trail is priced at $1399 while the Attack is available at $1999. The prices will increase once the bike goes to market