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Five things you need to know about the New MacBook

New MacBook Gold

If you are in the closest proximity to Technology or follow Social Networking sites closely, the $10,000 Gold Apple Watch has been a sensation for all the wrong reasons and very few people have supported Apple’s decision to launch such an expensive watch which they feel was needless and will not be good for the company’s reputation. At a time when Apple had to gain the trust of early SmartWatch users, is this the biggest blunder after Bono’s album launch last year? The new MacBook launched at Apple’s “Spring Forward” was like a breath of fresh air, but that too some technologists believe is not for everyone.

New MacBook

A New MacBook was the last thing on Apple Fans’ minds when they enthusiastically signed up for the “Spring Forward” event. Of course Apple gave news about the ever delaying Apple Watch shipping and now we know the reason, but apart from that the New MacBook was the best thing about Monday’s event. The New MacBook is a ravishing beauty and unimaginably thinner than we would have anticipated. If Apple tried to slim it down by just discarding a few things, the results would not have been this good so they decided to restructure the MacBook from beginning. That is why we say Innovation is not everybody’s cup of tea and Apple has mastered the art since ages.

New Keyboard for MacBook

Yes, to slim down the MacBook, Apple had to make remarkable changes to the original design and this included the keyboard too. Only the newer one is much better than it’s predecessor and it had to be to be included in the latest MacBook. Apple wanted to have an uncompromising Mac experience from starting and a full fledged keyboard had to be a part of that. Apple has used the Butterfly mechanism for this new keyboard, which is technologically advanced than the traditional scissor mechanism in the earlier MacBooks till now. The Butterfly mechanism is said to bring stability and control to the keyboard irrespective of where you press the key.

Thinnest Retina Display ever

The Retina Display of the new MacBook is said to be the thinnest that Apple has ever gone. It is 3 million pixels and 0.88mm, which is as thin as your sheet of paper. Apple has arranged for a special type of manufacturing process which allows them to create such glassed which are only 0.5mm thick. Moreover, Apple also got rid of the space between display components for a tight and excellent design wonder. They even redesigned the pixels to create a significantly larger aperture which ultimately lets more light pass through it and this is the reason they could use LED backlight that is 30 percent more efficient than Retina display on the previous MacBooks. This gave a larger aperture in every pixel which made the difference.

Force Touch Trackpad

The name says it all, you just need to press a little deeper and can perform an array of functions which was not available for previous MacBooks. Though, the new trackpad looks just like the ones from the past but when you touch it, you will instantly know the difference. Force sensors will detect how much pressure you are exerting on the Touchpad and based on that the newly added Taptic engine is supposed to work. This will allow us to perform multiple actions in different apps at the same time and will eventually make it faster to use.

Improved specifications of New MacBook

The position and function of the battery cells in the new MacBook is strategically planned to improve the performance and it reflects on the astonishing results and by not wasting a single millimetre of space overall helps in slimming down the MacBook. The runtime is around 9 hours for web browsing and upto 10 hours iTunes Movie Playback so there is close to thirty five percent improvement due to the new batteries.

The new MacBook is said to be the most energy efficient notebook in the world and each and every feature should be credited for achieving this feat. It is to be seen when we see these MacBooks in the market and get a hands on experience of the same. If you have any more information about the new Macbook, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments section below.