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Bid Adieu to Blogging Sites and Say Hello to Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes

Being the most popular social networking site in the world, Facebook needs to continuously refurbish itself in order to stay at the pinnacle. While Facebook features like Messenger, Timeline and Photos are being used by millions across the world, Facebook Notes has been mostly dormant, with not many people actually using it or being aware of its existence or purpose.

The Old Facebook Notes

When Facebook was launched, there was a limit to the number of characters people could type in the status bar. Back then, Notes was a much sought after feature that allowed users to create longer, more meaningful posts and share it with the world around them. However, as soon as Facebook increased the character limit for status updates, Notes started losing its popularity.

The Online Blogging Industry

Online blogging over the years has picked up steam and is enabling people to communicate and collaborate with like-minded people on a variety of topics and discussions. Many Facebook users have taken to online blogging and share their blogs by linking their blog site URL on Facebook. Facebook realized the huge potential of allowing users to blog on Facebook itself, and considered revamping their Notes feature in order to make blogging through Facebook easy.

Relaunching Facebook Notes

In order to market Notes as a new and improved feature, Facebook is re-launching Facebook Notes as a blogging feature. Facebook Notes can now be used by its users to create and read longer-form stories on Facebook. By revamping its own function, Facebook intends to give users the freedom to voice their opinions and express their thoughts on Facebook Notes itself, instead of having them embed links to other blogging platforms.

Changes in Facebook Notes

  • Facebook Notes aims to get people to start writing their own blog on Facebook and promises to load faster through the mobile app.
  • Facebook Notes has a wider display, bigger covert art and cleaner text promise that aims to make blogging a gratifying experience.
  • With Facebook Notes, users can now add a cover photo, resize and caption their photos and format text into headers, quotes or bullets.
  • Users can also bold and Italicize their text content using keyboard shortcuts.
  • New fonts and a visually enticing layout provides a very elegant look and feel to Facebook Notes.
  • The new, attractive user interface makes Facebook Notes feel more like a constructed entity and less like a status update.
  • Users can choose to share their Notes with their friends, the public or use a custom setting.

Rolling out Soon

The first update on Facebook Notes was spotted in August 2015. Since then, Facebook has been testing the new Facebook Notes with a selected number of users. If users do not see the new notes on their profile, they are probably going to get it very soon. At the same time, Facebook is also testing its Instant Article feature that lets users access links to external sites in an easy and stress-free manner.

In a Nutshell

Facebook has always been a platform that allows users to share their thoughts with family and friends, and Facebook Notes is going to be no different. By transforming into a publishing platform, Facebook Notes will now allow users to pen down their thoughts and share their views with their loved ones in a meaningful way.