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Everybot: A Robotic Cleaner for Your Smart Lifestyle


Among all types of day to day household tasks that you need to engage with, floor cleaning and mopping may be felt as the most annoying one. For many people it is very boring, hurting to the spine and troublesome when you need to move the furniture pieces to clean the areas underneath. Well, for many of us plagued by this insanely boring task, a new Kickstarter campaign just came with an ideal solution. It is a smart robotic mop cleaner called Everybot. It not only can take the load of cleaning tasks out of your shoulder but it can perform the tasks even better than you.

Earlier we have come across an array of smart vacuum cleaners that can work on its own. But the idea of a mop cleaner that just roams throughout the room space on its own while giving your floor an efficient scrub, is a completely new idea and thanks to Everybot this has become a reality.

Beautiful Non-Invasive Design

The device is very sleek with a very low footprint. It looks compact and thoroughly equipped. Apparently, it does not give you a feeling associated with multifunctional gadgets. Would you believe, in spite of having so many multifunctional sensors for a perfect cleaning task this mop cleaner is also equipped to prevent damages from a vertical drop-off? It has sensors that can quickly sense a drop-off whether from a staircase, top floor, countertop or roof.

The best thing about this device is that it looks exceptionally stylish and small in spite of packing do many features within it. It comes loaded with seven different cleaning modes allowing mopping even the remotest corner of the floor easily. Considering the awesome range of features and truly non-invasive design, Everybot is truly one of its kind robotic mop system that we have ever come across.

Great Power of Absorption for a Powerful Cleaning

Everybot is equipped to absorb dirts powerfully leaving no residue on a floor. Here are some key attributes of its powerful cleaning mechanism.

  • The mop of the system is made of patent microfibers.
  • It offers ideal wet-mop cleaning with two side by side mops.
  • The polyester dividing yarn which makes the mops is the ideal material to wipe dirts.
  • The microfiber component in the mop on the other hand can offer powerful absorption of the dust and liquid on the floor.
  • With powerful 5700 RPM motors running the mops at full speed can offer powerful absorption of dirts while cleaning the floor.
  • To make cleaning better you can run both the mops together and can also choose from an array of cleaning modes including auto, intensive, corner, manual, ‘S’, and ‘Y’ and handy cleaning modes.
  • It offers awesomely effective cleaning in remotest and unreachable parts of the floor including the areas underneath beds, couches or other heavy furniture pieces.
  • The auto water supply system of the Everybot also allows you cleaning the floor with wet mop.
  • Everybot has multiple smart and responsive sensors to detect bumps, corners and other obstacles on the floor while cleaning.
  • The mops are also detachable and the polluted mops can easily be cleaned separately with hand or machine wash.

Easy Control for Everyone in The Family

When it is about operating Everybot for day to day cleaning tasks, practically everyone can do the cleaning with Everybot. Even aged people can operate Everybot with easy remote control. One can control Everybot with remote control from a distance and also through manual control. Just with a single touch you can start or stop the device. With an exceptionally lower footprint Everybot is highly portable and can be carried around the house or elsewhere when needed.

Everybot literally cleans the floor we like it to do. Before wet mopping the leaner cleans the dust of the floor and automatically gets into wet mopping without needing you to do anything with the device. When you are finished with the floor cleaning grab it by the handle on top and place it in the windows, countertops or elevated areas to administer cleaning.

Everybot has become an instant success on the Kickstarter with huge applause from all around. Before it goes out for sale on the open market you can just buy it with the early bird price.