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EsaVox – Ixoost’s Lamborghini-inspired Speaker System

EsaVox Lamborghini-inspired Speaker

The Lamborghini-inspired EsaVox speakers are not designed for all, but only aimed at those truly passionate about the Lamborghini. The Ixoost EsaVox speaker, which embraces the Lamborghini brand took 2 years to produce.

Lamborghini is no more a brand that you would just associate with super expensive cars. Now you can associate them with super expensive speakers. These speakers are so expensive that it would make Bang & Olufsen’s products seem economical.

There are Porsche design convertible laptops and keyboards that just share the name of the luxury car brand. While the EsaVox is made out of authentic Lamborghini parts. It is not surprising to see that the speakers have been designed to look like a car’s engine. These speakers are extremely unique in both design and work, which has been created by Ixoost and becomes EsaVox Lamborghini Speaker.

EsaVox with Gorgeous Design

EsaVox is crafted out of authentic Lamborghini parts and features an original Lamborghini exhaust. The original Lamborghini exhaust harmonizes the dimensions of the dock, creating hexagonal effects and enhancing the selection of various materials. The design of EsaVox is based on single block cabinets in carbon and wood, remembering the most iconic features of Lamborghini cars.

The chief element of the EsaVox speakers is the original exhaust, which puts all elements into a proportion that gives the impact of a real car. EsaVox has monocoque chassis in carbon Twill 245 3K, polymerized in an autoclave at 6 bar, exhaust system with a mutable aperture to control the pressure of the subwoofer passive shock absorber system to moisten vibrations and tapered supports with variable heights.

The speaker is largely inspired by Lamborghini’s design style, and it includes a power switch that shaped like the push button starter that actual Lamborghini’s have. There has been thorough research of the Lamborghini design which has led to the creation of an object that reminds you of the style of the renowned car designers.

Exceptional Audio

The two side cabinets, handmade with a hexagonal form and housing a 6.5-inch full range and 8-inch woofer in carbon, offers a solid base for a stereo experience that fills the entire room. The heart of the unit lies in the down firing subwoofer of 15 inches with high sensitivity, in Neodymium. Two 1-inch tweeters in Mylar complete the system, located inside the original exhaust unit.

The two stereo valve preamplifiers on input, an amplifier of 600 Watt and one of 200 Watt dedicated to the subwoofer, constitute the driving force of EsaVox. The frequency control on the speakers is managed by 2 DSPs of 24 bit to optimize audio filtering.

By integrating Bluetooth 4.0 technology with the traditional AUX connection, EsaVox allows you to control music stored on your smartphone, tablet, or computer in a simple manner with complete freedom. It also allows a wired RCA input from a TV, receiver, or other audio sources.

Lamborghini-level Price

The EsaVox speakers come in black, red, orange, and yellow colors so that you can get the speaker to match your real Lamborghini. The Lamborghini-inspired speaker has a Lamborghini-level price which is almost $21,000.