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EmoSPARK – The Home Console that is Intelligent Enough!


Imagine a life where all you have to do is ask for something to be done and it’s done! EmoSPARK – The Home Console that is Intelligent Enough to actually do this. Also, imagine a life where a device understands your emotions and moods and responds accordingly. The world’s first truly emotional artificial intelligence home console, EmoSPARK, takes you to an entirely different level of anything that you’ve ever experienced before.

Emo-SPARK – the Incredible Home Console

EmoSPARK is an Android and iPhone powered Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Cube, which is designed to center on your emotions. It is dedicated to making you happy and allows users to create and interact with an emotionally intelligent device through conversation, music and visual media. What’s more, EmoSPARK not only takes to gaming but also your TV sets, smartphones and computers.

It’s amazing how the Cube is always active and waiting for you to interact with it and ask it to do something for you, which could be anything from answering a question, show you a video, play you’re your favourite music, and believe it or not, even post a status on to your Facebook account. And these are just a few things that it can do, apart from keeping you updated with the latest news headlines or even the weather forecast for tomorrow.

SPARKling Features:

  • Interact with your Cube from anywhere, from any device: The EmoSPARK cube can be accessed remotely by you through video conferencing services. Just like in a regular video call or text to speech and Android’s voice recognition functionality, you can communicate with your cube being anywhere. The EmoSPARK app goes a step further enabling you to use a smart device to observe your emotional status in real time, and monitors when and how a new experience modifies and then informs the cube. EmoSPARK Cube then goes ahead and shares its reactions with you through your TV or smartphone or tablet apps.
  • Emotion, Face Detection and Emotional Profile Graphing: The EmoSPARK Cube observes, monitors and measures your behaviours and responses to stimuli in a diverse set of environments. Furthermore, with the use of emotion text and content analysis, EmoSPARK not only measures your responses but also the responses of multiple people simultaneously. This data is collected and over time, the Cube creates a customized Emotional Profile Graph (EPG) which functions to measure your unique emotional input. This EPG helps the Cube to virtually recognize and ‘feel’ senses such as pleasure and pain and ‘express’ such emotions according to you.
  • The EmoSPARK Media Player – One that amplifies your emotions: EmoSPARK is a revolutionary answer to the way media has been experienced before. It combines media, emotion and social networking in such a manner that your preferences are detected based on the Cube’s rating of your personal emotional response to the media played to you on Soundcloud, You Tube and other such platforms. This data is collected and saved in the Cube permanently and it intelligently educates itself on media which you make you happy or sad or excited for instance.

Imagine a device which understands your emotions needs, and functions with the ultimate goal of enhancing and improving your moods. This incredible technology uses its unique emotional reference point and changes the way you hear, see and experience media altogether. It’s amazing how for instance, videos shared on your Facebook timeline long ago is memorized and retained by the Cube and is shared with you at your own time to enjoy them to the fullest.

We want to be able to empower machine that not only respond to human emotions but also completely change the face of technological development as we know it. EmoSPARK comes as one of the most direct and immediate stimuli of emotional response, and will continue to develop and evolve not in response to your emotional needs, but also from a technological perspective.

This incredible Cube is priced as follows:

EmoSPARK A.I. Cube w/ IP Camera combo: $375.00
EmoSPARK A.I. Cube: $315
IP Camera: $60