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Electrified S – The VanMoof Electric Bike that is Web Connected too!

Electrified S

‘Electric bikes’ are not yet trendy in the market and most of the early models include a huge bulky battery that deflates the original design. Most e-bikes, or electric bikes, have been designed to be heavy, ugly, and pricey too.

Amsterdam-based VanMoof has launched its new ‘Electrified S’ bike, which is a smart, internet-connected electric bike that has an unseen motor on board. This bike is a follow-up to the first one launched in 2014 that tried being unassuming in its design with the bulk hidden away. That model won some awards but this model is taking the overall design to a new level altogether.

Electrified S – The Powerful Electric Bike with an App

With a 250W electric motor and a heavy battery that can survive for 75 miles on a single charge, and an unusual bike frame that weighs just 40 pounds, this electric bike can be plugged and played easily.

The electric bike also includes a touch screen flush at the top for users to keep a controlled speed, and works even better when paired with a smartphone. The VanMoof app available on both iOS or Android devices can help users to control the bike wirelessly. With the bike’s built-in 3G chip, one can control the lights and even adjust speed settings directly.

It uses Bluetooth and internet-connectivity in a combined manner and one can use the phone to lock the bike rather than use keys. With an onboard GPS, the app shows the location of the bike at any given point of time, and one can enable ‘theft tracking’ to prevent it from getting stolen.

The Founders and their Vision

The company’s founder, Taco Carlier, has intimated that with the anti-theft functionality in place, not many bikes have been stolen as most have been recovered with the help of the local police. On flat streets – the bike offers a smooth ride without any frills and it does not budge without moving the pedals.

Instead of re-assembling parts of electric bike samples, VanMoof worked with several companies to design custom parts. Even the lights embedded on the bike were designed and built in partnership with Philips. The software is envisioned to be upgraded with a USB connection itself. Carlier is trying hard for a future where its smart bikes will run all over.

Travelling with the new Electric Bike

Electrified S is perfect for travelling on hilly cities or longer commutes, even though it is crowded in some cities. Although electric bikes have usually appealed to those who need an easy ride without much effort, this bike is a beautiful, smart and attractive bike that will appeal to all age groups.

  • The connectivity with the app is related to the bike purchase, and one can actually take care of the bike with the help of the app which authorizes the controller with all diverse controls.
  • If the phone is not working or the app is not loaded, one can rely on a backup battery to unlock the bike.
  • One can operate the bike and control it thoroughly for weeks even if the main charging portal  is dead. The futuristic Electrified S though has a hefty price tag to boot.
  • One will have to pay for permanently free oneself from crowded subways and the internet-connected goodness adds to the beauty.

Pre-orders of the Electrified S are open in various cities and even online. The bikes are expected to start shipping in June. If the buyers are able to book the bike within the first 200 orders, they can get the bike discounted at €1,998, while the original would cost about €2,998.