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CORSAIR ONE Is An All-New, Console Like PC


Corsair has long been a trusted brand in the PC building world. It is known especially for its high-quality RAM and even keyboards. Corsair has made its name with high-end hardware and gaming peripherals over the years. Corsair has put out some of the most widely used RAM modules, PC cases, and other components on the market. Now it finally offers you a system with no compromises. Meet CORSAIR ONE, the all-new PC from the designers and builders at CORSAIR.

Compact and Impressive Design.

CORSAIR ONE has a compact, aircraft-grade aluminum chassis. It is only 12L in volume and is built with painstaking attention to detail. It comes with a matte finish which is resistant to wear and fingerprint marks. This means it will look as good tomorrow as it does today. CORSAIR ONE has an amazingly small footprint. The subtle ambient lighting details are very pretty.

Meets Industry Standards.

CORSAIR ONE is built with industry standard components. It comes with a full-size graphics card, mini-ITX motherboard. Also, it has full-height DRAM and flexible storage options. CORSAIR ONE is designed in a way that it grows with you.

Mammoth-like Powerful Features.

  1. Processing Power: It is powered by the latest 7th generation Intel Core processor. It has a high-performance Z270 Mini-ITX motherboard. CORSAIR ONE’s groundbreaking framework delivers lightning fast response times. It comes with plenty of headroom for overclocking.
  2. Graphics: It comes with a liquid cooled NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. It has excellent power. The performance provided by the all new Pascal GPU architecture goes up to 3 times the performance of previous generations. CORSAIR ONE can provide the most detailed 4K and VR without breaking a sweat.
  3. Memory: CORSAIR creates the most award-winning memory available in the market. They have loaded CORSAIR ONE with 16GB of their enthusiast grade VENGEANCE LPX DDR4. It provides unparalleled responsiveness. CORSAIR ONE is designed with pure aluminum heat spreaders for faster heat dispersion. It also has an 8-layer PCB for superior overclocking headroom. VENGEANCE is engineered to outperform and outlast.
  4. Convection Cooled System: It has a sleek vertical design. But it is actually a hyper-efficient cooling system. There is a proprietary closed loop CPU/GPU liquid cooling system at the core of this whisper quiet convection-cooled design. This is supported by a frictionless ML (magnetic levitation) SERIES fan.
  5. Power Supply: It comes with 80 PLUS GOLD certified efficiency. It has tight voltage regulation. This delivers superior class performance in a small form factor. The 105C Japanese capacitors provide steady reliability. The Zero RPM Mode keeps the noise level in check.
  6. Storage: It has some great storage options. It comes with super fast 6Gbps SSD and HDD drives. This means that your read/write speeds are optimized. CORSAIR ONE comes with a surprising amount of expansion options. It has plenty of storage flexibility.

CORSAIR ONE Creating Benchmark For Gaming PCs.

CORSAIR ONE delivers a true 4K and VR experience with the power of liquid cooling. It comes with a unique, compact form-factor design and lets you game anywhere with no compromise in performance, comes with a sleek, clean-lined chassis. CORSAIR ONE is made with aircraft grade aluminum. The gaming PC is emphasized with customizable LED detailing. CORSAIR ONE uses components that are standard sizes. This enables the user to upgrade at will.

It features fully custom GPU and CPU liquid-cooling technology. It produces just 20 dBa at idle. The CORSAIR ONE is quieter than a whisper. The PC is virtually inaudible in any environment.