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This Milk Foam Printer is Known to Create Artistic “ Coffee Ripples ”


3D printing enthusiasts have a new surface to work with. Coffee lovers all over the world now can have messages in their latte, when they offer it to someone they know. With Ripples, these statements are about to become true since a company has introduced a new technology that employs 3D Printing and inkjet technology to create magical smileys and words in your coffee cup!

The Ripple Maker, as it is named, creates artistic coffee ripples to put an all-natural emotion with the first coffee during hectic weekday mornings.

The Ripple Maker is a small WiFi connected device that helps in designing characters on delicious coffee milk foam with a natural coffee extract with the help of Ripple Pods. The written or visual rip2liquid stamps are attractive and sure to get the coffee lovers in their best moods.

Aroma with Emotion

Accentuating the aroma of coffee beans, Ripples, creates coffee ripples scrawled and printed in coloured tones, looking absolutely sensational and downright cool. One can make some cheerful personalized messages during important occasions. Additionally, the product has vast marketing potential and a visual upper that is served with a liquid one.

Coffee Ripples are meant to be served at the neighbourhood cafe, the coffee shops and everywhere where the stores are selling milk foam. Ripples allows an emotional connect with others through the coffee, allowing many lovers to propose when their words don’t suffice or when a friend wants to show his appreciation to another, with a message. Ripples also allows the vendor to show, that they remember the customer by name and thus drive customer satisfaction.

The Rippling Effect

Ripples takes about ten seconds to produce any sort of design or message on the foamy drink and even can be set in any sized cup or mug. There is a huge crowd waiting to get their hands on the Ripple Makers. Lufthansa is already planning to get their hands on the device to get personalized messages on coffee cups for customers who book their business flights with them.

These coffee ripples add joy to the coffee experience, cup by cup.  We might soon be having Baristas turning into artists, since the designs are endless and imagination can reach any limit here. The printing can only be done in coffee-like brown shades though. One can top off a customer’s cappuccino with inspirational messages, congratulatory messages, funny quotes, smart hints and emoticons. It also allows the food vendors to drive a quick and pleasant connection with the customer, who will love the innovation and the personal touch to their food.

Coffee Ripples – the little extra goes a long way!

The Ripple Maker is user- friendly and occupies very less space, and takes only some seconds to making the coffee an artistic foamy product.

One can browse the categorized themes or use some design that you liked, uploaded to the app. This device offers the coffee lover to choose from the library or click images to use the design atop the coffee foam. One can contribute different designs and ideas to the editors of Ripples platform and the entire content is shareable across the world!

Now this is how one can ripple an idea across the world!

Coffee Ripples Cups

Touted as an ‘emotionally caffeinated experience,’ this truly innovative new machine is sure to bring a fresh perspective for the gourmet coffee industry and is supposed to launch at the largest annual technology conference, in NYC during CE Week 2015. The high-tech world will witness a revolution among other inventions showcased during the week at Metropolitan Pavilion.

The Coffee Ripples Pricing!

The Coffee Ripple machines are made by Ripples, a subsidiary of Steam CC which is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Ripple Maker will begin shipping in September 2015 with a price of $999 including service plans of $75. The purchase also means that owners of Ripple Makers can use the content platform and access the free Ripple app too.