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Codeybot: The Incredible New Robot Teaches Coding!


Right now in the tech world there is a flurry of new tech-teaching gadgets which are targeting an important problem: the ability to not be intimidated by technology and to be more than a user swiping right or left. The coding toy from Shenzhen-based startup Makeblock is just the latest on the edutainment bandwagon taking things up in a technical way. The Codeybot coding robot project has launched via the Kickstarter crowd funding website and has already reached nearly 90% of its $100,000 funding goal.

Aim and Vision

Coders are the pioneers of the digital age, and Codeybot aims to push the trend further.

The aim of the project is to teach children the basic principles of coding. And eventually, it enables kids to learn other programming languages, and more importantly to be creative in problem-solving techniques. Kids will learn to build, break and combine code in new and exciting ways. Thus, learning to code will be a process so natural that anyone would love to learn at an early age.

Children will like the technology while building a new level on “Little Big Planet” or trying to build a desktop from scratch, through which they will learn new things regarding technology. The project indirectly feeds learning-based entertainment to daily life with customizable features, and even encourages creativity with the help of Wi-Fi music speakers, dancing capabilities, and battle mode.

How does Codeybot work?

Connect Codeybot to either the free operating app or the free mBlockly programming app and start using it. The latter is based on the Blockly programming language developed by Google which lets kids move blocks on a screen to program the Codeybot to follow a particular path, change its LED facial expressions, or say a particular word. This technology is easy to understand so kids can have fun using it.

Design and Features

  • The toy looks like a self-balancing white cheese triangle on wheels that is handled by an innovative remote control app.
  • The device is equipped with an LED screen to display messages and can also make funny faces from your smartphone while speaking in a cartoony voice.
  • The battery is rechargeable, allowing for nearly three hours of operation before having to be charged again.
  • The coding robot is fitted with a display that allows the use of the variety of different icons and signals to provide feedback when required.
  • It can be enhanced with a number of accessories and upgrades available in the near future.

Technical Specifications

The product is based on the Openwrt Platform while it also includes Gyrosensor within it. The movement is guided by wheel-balancing, triple wheel support. It also features a 2000mAh Battery that is enough for a 3-hour operation. The system within Codeybot is Linux OS/MT7688 Processor while some of the accessories available with it include a docking station, user guide and a handy USB Cable.

Additional Key Features

  • Self-balance on wheels
  • Customized and personalized look
  • Play music easily with its 2W speakers
  • Dances to musical beats
  • Makes silly voices and even records your voice
  • Shoots lasers when it enters battle mode.


Codeybot is easy for beginners to adopt, and complex enough for experienced coders to tinker and learn.

For kids, this device is a means to an end, that blends enjoyment with learning with interest retention. Learning coding could help cultivate children’s logical thinking abilities and boost problem-solving abilities. This new robot will help in keeping the kids amused while pushing them towards learning in a fun manner. The company is offering it at an early bird price of $129 as hordes of them will be manufactured by July 2016.