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Circa Smart Alarm: A Smart Alarm to Help You Sleep and Wake Up Intelligently

Circa Smart Alarm

Many of us think that the alarm clock has already been obsolete since a vast majority of us use a smartphone as the close in hand alarm clock. Obviously, alarm clock no more seems to consume a unique place in your nightstand just because your phone does is equipped to do everything it does.

But fortunately, this notion didn’t prevent some innovative ideas to foster around the concept of an alarm clock. So, recently we have come across a smart alarm clock with innovative features. Developed by Circa Labs this smart and cute alarm clock has already received an overwhelming response at Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

There are obviously few other smart alarm clocks in the market, but Circa easily stands out from the rest on the virtue of design, ease of use, and futuristic features like compliance with a sleep sensor. The alarm clock also allows you integrating smart home system through third-party apps like Triggi.

Sleep sensor pad

The major value addition that really sets this smart alarm clock sets apart from several others is a sleep sensor pad that allows the clock waking up at the right time based on the feedback from the sleep sensor. In addition to that, this sleep sensor will also help you improve your sleep quality to a great extent by providing effective tips from time to time. The sensor pad needs to be placed just under your mattress to allow it tracking your sleep condition.

The sensor placed under the mattress measures the body movement and the respiration to understand the sleep cycles in detail. While normal alarm wakes you up on a fixed time, Circa wakes you up at the right time within a span of 30 minutes around the time you have set for the alarm to ring. This helps to wake you up at the right time to ensure an easy and refreshed wake-up in the morning.

Getting insights about your sleep

While most smart sleep trackers available in the market provide you lot of graphic data about your sleep they often do not provide effective tips based on your sleep condition. They fail to guide you with actionable tips for bettering your sleep condition. In this respect, Circa stands out as by evaluating your sleep patterns over time it always offers actionable and practical lifestyle tips to help you improve sleep.

Helping you to sleep at right time

Circa also helps you live a disciplined life with a regularised sleeping time by sending you a reminder on your phone about the time for going to bed.

Soothing sleep inducing sounds

Circa is also equipped to deliver soothing and sleep inducing sounds such as whistling birds, blowing of tree leaves and the sound of the ocean waves.

Wake up listening to your favorite music and sounds

Circa comes loaded with an audio system that besides inducing sleep with soothing sounds also wakes you up with your favourite music and sounds.

Equipped with a built-in radio

Circa comes loaded with DAB+, HD Radio and Internet Radio to deliver you music and playlists of your favourite music.

Internet of things enabled

With the help of the third party smart app like Triggi Circa can be connected to various smart home gadgets. Circa can be connected to the smart lights or smart thermostat which based on your waking time can light up the room or turn off the thermostat.

Never your alarm goes missing

Not a single day Circa misses to wake you up from sleep whether you set the alarm or not. As soon as you switch off the light the alarm is set. Even the power drainage will not have any negative effect as the device comes with a backup battery.

Dark screen

Circa comes with an OLED display which looks really dark just because it doesn’t emit light. Apart from this dark interface the smart alarm clock also allows automatic brightness adjustments. When you set the “Dark at Night” mode the screen will not display time as this can distract your mind in case you woke up in the middle if the night.

Final verdict

Circa looks beautiful in any neat interior and comes packed with all the features that help you sleep better. It also comes with a lot of clock faces to fit to your taste for the interior design. You do not have any other smart alarm clock in the market with such wide ranging features to improve your sleep. If you really look for a high quality sleep product that also works well as an alarm clock, Circa comes as the ideal solution.