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CERO One – An Electric Bike to Offer a Never Before Driving Experience


The popularity of electric bikes can solely be attributed to their friendliness to the environment while allowing people a quick and easy transport alternative. Well, biking is already popular long before the turn of this millennium simply because of their effectiveness in avoiding pollution while ensuring comfort ride at all occasions. Electric bikes only took these advantages further and hence proved to be more efficient.

But the biggest disadvantage is that you just cannot much of your luggage except a backpack. The new Cero One addressed this shortcoming and actually provided enough room to carry luggage and an extra person. Moreover, you can customise the options to accommodate as much luggage as feasible in both front and backside of the cycle.

Highly customisable to carry things

It is a versatile, highly customisable, elegantly designed motorcycle with full of never before abilities. The best thing about this new cycle is its ability haul along luggage on both rear and front side. You have the flexibility to deck it with a simple platform or a basket on the rear and front side of the cycle. You can also attach an extra seat on the rear side and accommodate your kid to seat there. There are as many as 12 highly useful combinations of carriage that will give this cycle some serious hauling abilities.

In fact, this cycle is designed appropriately to accommodate such variety of carriages. The front wheels are smaller to accommodate extra large or deeper basket with custom enhanced ability to carry things.

Designed to ensure stability

The cycle is also designed to ensure the exceptionally lower center of gravity to maintain robust stability irrespective of the road condition and volume of luggage. On top of this, the cycle has very fat wide balloon tires to ensure optimum stability.

Versatile with speed

The design and sophisticated construction apart this bike is equipped with several features to make your riding experience a rewarding one. It is not only able to cruise at 20 miles per hour in normal driving mode but at times of urgency the rider can switch to high drive mode and can speed up the bike at 44 miles per hour. But even if that is not enough to make you feel dizzy with the ride you can even ride with a speed of 93 miles per hour while driving in eco mode.

A bit too pricey

The most frustrating aspect of the new Cero is obviously ambitious price tag which seems to be really steep even in comparison to most electric bikes in the market. Currently awaiting the verdict on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter the bike is supposed to get cleared of its funding requirements comfortably and hit the market sometime in the first half of next year. If you happen to be any of the backers of the project, Cero One will be available for you at $2,400 through Kickstarter.

CERO One – Awesome specs and features

When it comes to specs, the cycle is Powered by lightweight and carbon-free, 250 Watt Shimano mid-drive motor which looks compact for a smart featured cycle like CERO One. The cycle apart from its cycling modes also gives riders a Walk Assist mode allowing riders walking alongside the bike. All that you need to do is to push a button and walk along your cycle. The vehicle comes equipped with Shimano’s state of the art 504Wh battery which will allow users travel longer than most other electric vehicles coming close in comparison.

CERO One is also equipped with several quality safety features. The best of them is obviously the puncture resistant tires that comes with an eBike certification. Other safety features include reflective decals and an ultra-bright 80-lumens light at the front along with two LEDs. There is also a shock resistant rear light, a bike bell and a powerful BUS frame lock.

CERO One is a flexible transport solution for riders as it comes equipped with a lightweight frame and allows the riders to adjust the height of the handlebars up and down when required as per their body heights. The handlebars also come with a swivel function allowing the riders to save as much as 12 inches of space which comes really effective when parking or storing the bike in a cramped space.

Final Verdict

CERO One undoubtedly comes as a new and surprising form of transport for urban commuters. Designed to ensure a smooth riding experience at various speed levels while ensuring great portability and capability to carry luggage, this is one of a kind cycle that in spite of its soaring price tag can be popular among youngsters and adventure lovers.