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Cellular calls make way for Internet calls

WhatsApp calls

Did you ever imagine that you could text anywhere around the world for free? Leaving aside the calling factor, even getting your text messages to some places in the world would cost some people their weekly or monthly wages and Technology has made it possible for them to keep in touch with their dear ones and at the same time not making a deep hole in their pockets.

Internet calls are still not acceptable to some people who think that phone calls cannot go through without telecomm service providers. Now, you can make calls around the world for free, though you need to have a good internet connection in your phone or need to be in a wifi enabled zone.

What is the difference between a cellular call and an internet call?

The difference between a cellular call and an internet call is pretty small. A call for which you need to use the calling services of your telecomm provider is called a cellular call whereas a call which you can make with the help of a strong internet connection or a wifi is called an internet call. A cellular call can cost you based on the charges worked out by your telecomm service provider whereas an internet call is free and you don’t need to pay any additional money to your telecomm service provider or rent a monthly plan or something. Finally!

Why cellular calls will be replaced?

This question comes a little late to our mind because maybe people did not think much about it and we had probably assumed that a phone call is something that costs too much and it never can be provided at very low rates or for free. The telecomm companies too took great advantage of this and the call prices just when higher by the day. Facebook owned WhatsApp came up with this calling service recently and now every other service wants to bask on their glory by providing free internet calls and in turn gain a larger user base.

Why Internet calls will be popular?

Internet calls will soon be really popular, starting from teenagers and young adults who are tech savvy and never mind saving few bucks and optimum services at the same time. The first and the most important reason for internet calls to be so popular is that it is free and you won’t mind using a great service just to try once, when it is totally free. Hike is an indian messenger app that recently acquired Zip dial and they have added the voice call feature similar to WhatsApp and Viber.

In Hike, the users can see a new number dialler icon adjacent to the contacts and allows the users to make free voice calls with an internet connection. WhatsApp has dominated the Indian users in the last couple of years and to such an extent that looking at the user base, WhatsApp has made their services free for India.

Though apps like Hike and Line are in tough competition and the users are to benefit from this kind of competition. So, in the end it should be a win-win situation for both the users as well as the companies backing these apps. You can share your views about Internet calls in the comments section below.