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Bosch eBike Systems – Changing the way you cycle the world

Bosch eBike

Whether it is for health purposes, or an easier commute or just a way to get around town, electric bikes or eBikes are becoming increasingly popular. The Germany based global operating company Bosch, has emerged as a leader in the eBike drive systems and is highly responsible for this growing trend because of its creative contributions in the world of cycling. Bosch has been a huge success in regard to pedelecs (pedal electric cycles), an environmentally friendly and health supportive sport equipment as well as a means of commuting. Speaking of eBike Systems, Bosch makes cycling a completely new riding experience where distance and speed are achieved with ease. Read here the full review of Bosch eBike Systems.

Experience eBiking interactively where you decide where to go, choose the support level, and Bosch eBike in a brand-new manner.

An uncompromising approach is reflected in the design of the Bosch eBike. Each individual component is a stylish combination of elegance and ergonomics. This groundbreaking design has in its structure three perfectly matched components which are the drive unit, the on-board computer and the battery which form an amazingly simple and intuitive drive system.

Drive Unit

The Drive Unit Performance Line is designed for athletic and powerful riding and develops a dynamic boost that produces ample power for swift, sporty pedelec riding. It has a triple sensor concept for power, cadence, and speed and provides 1000 sensor measurements per second for enhanced power tuning resulting in a kind of riding which has never been experienced before. Plus, the eBike is durable, maintenance-free and low in vibration and noise. Another very impressive aspect of the Drive Unit is its shift detection and secure chain routing for smooth shifting and less wear.


Along with the on-board computer or the Intuvia, the Bosch eBike System has a multipurpose controller with a separate control function on the handlebar for safety. This small ergonomic masterpiece is intuitive to use and also has a display which can be easily read even in bright sunlight. Not only this, every functionality about the eBike is made seamless, be it switching between the five riding modes, or calling up information regarding range, trip time, average speed and much more. Also, a new gear recommendation smartly detects whether you are actually riding in the best efficiency range of the Drive Unit as well as informs you regarding the optimal time to switch gears.

PowerPack 400 frame battery

The PowerPack 400 in its design and form represents high performance, light weight, and a very comfortable handling. The battery management system is such that the battery is protected from overload, under voltage, overheating, and short circuit. These unrivaled attributes of the PowerPack results in high performance of the Bosch eBike over a very long service life. (The PowerPack 400 is also available as a rack battery).


One of the first questions that would cross our minds regarding an eBike is not only its battery but also its charging strengths. The Bosch eBike charger not only charges really quickly but also in a very hassle-free manner. The charger is small, lightweight, durable and noise-free and comes with a convenient hook-and-loop cable which is ideal for travel and guarantees extremely short charging durations. (The PowerPack 400 charges fully in no more than 3.5 hours and a 50 % charge is reached within just 1.5 hours).