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Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock – A Never Before Wake-up Experience

Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock

Many of us hate alarm clock just because we love that early morning sleep. But, on the other hand, many of us hate to wake up late only to know that the scheduled meeting in the office is just half an hour away which is practically impossible to attend. Well, how can your alarm clock know that you have an important appointment today morning? Yes, from now on the alarm clock can decide when to wake you up and when not to.

Bonjour, a smart alarm clock is capable of learning your schedule and waking you up accordingly. The smart clock designed by French design company Holi can do a lot more than just ringing a wake up call when you need it most.

What is Bonjour Exactly?

Bonjour is a truly never-before smart alarm clock with voice-control and A.I. capabilities to work as a personal and smart home assistant. It learns from your habits from everyday living, work schedule, and your digital interactions and accordingly wakes you up, guides your activities and helps to have better control over the smart home devices.

How does it Work?

Bonjour is different from the traditional alarm clocks just because of its artificial intelligence powered brain that can learn through several layers of information about the user and wake you up at the right time. For instance, it can restrain from ringing the alarm when your morning meeting got canceled and can wake you up earlier than usual when there is bad road conditions or traffic jam en route to your office.

Bonjour AI Capabilities

Bonjour is powered by sophisticated A.I. algorithms that learn from several factors about your morning routine.

  • Bonjour learns from your schedules, calendar and traffic conditions to wake you up.
  • Bonjour after checking the weather condition helps you plan and wake up for outdoor activities.

Bonjour Personal Assistant

Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock works as a proactive personal assistant to help your activities throughout the day.

  • It can check the morning commute and accordingly suggest when to leave for the office and even can automatically order an Uber earlier.
  • Bonjour allows seamlessly processing information from other digital interfaces like Uber, iCal, Google Calendar, Google Map, etc.
  • Bonjour is capable of checking local weather condition and process forecast information concerning rain, wind, etc. Based on the weather forecast and real-time condition it advises you on weather forecasts.
  • Integration with fitness trackers: Bonjour allows seamless integration with fitness trackers like FitBit, Apple Health, or Withings. By processing your fitness information Bonjour can suggest activities.

Bonjour Learning and Smart Home Automation

Bonjour works as a powerful smart home solution allowing voice control over home gadgets.

  • Learning from User Language: Bonjour learns about your typical way of speaking and saying things over time and gets adjusted to it.
  • Smart Home control: Bonjour allows the great interactive capability to control all your smart home devices. It can adjust the interior light as per the wake-up time and can adjust the thermostat as per your comfort needs. The smart home integration of Bonjour is available for most of the prominent brands like WeMo, Philips Hue, and nest.
  • Bonjour is completely voice-controlled and so it just likes talking to someone for a certain action. There is no app, no need to press a button or whatever like that. It offers 180-degree voice recognition and you can turn on the smart coffee maker just by a command when you are still in bed.
  • Total Proactive Control: Bonjour helps you enjoy total proactive control over your home gadgets. For instance, you can teach it to check home safely when night mode is turned on after you go to sleep.
  • Home Security: It can seamlessly integrate with Wi-Fi enabled home security systems and surveillance camera and can show captured view on its screen.

Price and Availability

Bonjour smart alarm clock is going through its Kickstarter campaign and is aiming to raise a fund amounting $50,000 within m the next 30 days before it can be introduced to the market.

At present, you can get the device at a highly discounted early bird price of $99 for single piece and $189 for two units. The product is expected to start shipping from June, next year. The final retail price is expected to be $249, as per Holi, the French designer house that produced Bonjour.