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Bolt Electronic Bike – The Smart Eco Bike

Bolt Electronic Bike

With non-renewable sources of energy soon depleting, the future of electric vehicles and appliances is bright. While Mahindra and Tesla have been manufacturing a range of electric cars, there hasn’t been much progress in the electric bike market. Now imagine a bike that not only runs on electricity but can also be controlled and operated through a smartphone?

Introducing Bolt Electronic Bike

Bolt, a San Francisco based electric motorbike company, has recently launched the Bolt Electronic Bike.

The Bolt Electronic Bike incorporates lithium-ion batteries and are personally handcrafted by highly experienced and qualified people in a garage near San Francisco.

Building His Own Bike

The co-founder of Bolt Electronic Bike, Nathan Jauvtis, has been assembling and riding his own bikes since childhood. However, the idea of building his own bike intrigued him which led him to start creating Bolt Electronic Bike in his own garage.  It was not long ago when Nathan started taking commercial orders for Bolt Electronic Bike.


  • Bolt Electronic Bike is keyless and can be turned on from a smartphone or with a unique password
  • There is a 5V, 2 Amp USB port next to the speedometer, which allows users to plug in their smartphones and tablets and charge them while riding
  • Bolt Electronic Bike comes with a safe mode which prevents the bike from just flying across the street as the handlebar is throttled
  • It is available in two modes; the economy mode that allows users to speed up to 20mph and covers a distance of 50 miles on a single charge and the sport mode which speeds up to 40mph and travels a distance of 35 miles
  • Since Bolt Electronic Bike is categorized as a bicycle, people do not need a motorcycle license or insurance to ride it
  • Also, it can be driven on the bicycle lane and can be parked alongside other bicycles in the bike rack
  • Bolt Electronic Bike requires about 90 minutes for a full charge and about 300 minutes for maintenance
  • The Bolt Electronic Bike contains quick release batteries that can be taken out from the bike, split into two and can be carried into homes for charging. This especially benefits apartment owners and travel freaks who do not have immediate access to outdoor charging

Connected to Cloud

  • Bolt Electronic Bike is Bluetooth enabled; with a simple touch of a button on the smartphone, users can be greeted by their bikes
  • Also, once Bolt Electronic Bike is paired with a smartphone, it directly gets connected to the cloud providing users with elevated security benefits, remote control options and ensures safety of their bikes
  • The Bolt App can be downloaded on smartphones that lets users keep an eye on their Bolt Electronic Bike and avoid theft or misuse
  • The Bolt App also gives parents the freedom to control the maximum speed of the bike and ensure their children are driving under the specified speed limit


Bolt Electronic Bike is available at an MRP of $5,000 which is surely a lot for a bike but since it boasts of some really cool technology innovations, it is totally worth the price. A crowdfunding process is currently underway for the Bolt Electronic Bike and it has raised over $148,869 in 4 days.

Our Verdict

With electric vehicles slowly gaining popularity, Bolt Electronic Bike is a truly an innovative piece of engineering. With Bluetooth connectivity, access to the cloud for safety and security purpose, a USB charging cable and a battery that can be removed and carried like a briefcase, Bolt Electronic Bike is sure to go the Tesla way in terms of its usability, efficiency and success.