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BloomSky – The Newest Smart Weather Camera System

bloomsky Weather Camera System

A new, inexpensive, and a very innovative weather camera was launched on Kickstarter recently by BloomSky. After a successful campaign with the first generation SKY personal weather camera, the company is introducing the second generation SKY2 a 5-in-1 weather camera station enabled with STORM a 4-in-1 wireless weather device that measures rainfall, wind speed and wind direction with UV exposure.

The next-gen model SKY2 is in the funding process. It accurately measures temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and precipitation. The whole product actually has two units the SKY2 and the STORM, a new unit that works hand in hand with the SKY2. It lets you take measurements of local weather conditions.

About SKY2 & STORM

The camera of SKY2 comes with an ultra-wide angle lens, a 45-degree adjustable angle, and an automatic time-lapse generator. It also has a solar panel that provides continuous operation and takes constant images in five-minute increments.

STORM is an additional add-on that works only with the SKY2 camera. The STORM is suited for use during wetter climates. Therefore, both of them are accompanied by solar panels. It is also equipped with bird spike to prevent landing and roosting. With the help of Wi-Fi connection, all the pictures are transmitted easily.

BloomSky App

Bloomsky is a company where a group of weather enthusiasts who are interested in tech adoption in their weather projects. Their main vision is to bring on a weather data revolution by building the next generation of accurate reports on weather functionality. Therefore, they have derived a free mobile control app for sharing and viewing valuable weather information. The app- is enabled with both iOS and Android devices. One can demand access to real-time conditions from the app.

Other than this, you can broadcast current weather trends or send notifications to your followers with a single click.

Uses of BloomSky

  • Get latest and updated photos and upload them to the Bloomsky weather map.
  • The system can measure rainfall, wind speed and direction of the current weather and detect bird spikes as well.
  • The devices are compatible with IFTTT, Nest, SmartThings, and a few other smart home devices.
  • Share your weather report with family and friends.
  • Send customized notifications immediately.
  • Access the weather data before visiting that place to overcome any danger.

Key Features of BloomSky

  • The device in enabled with a Bluetooth setup option for easier and faster installation procedure.
  • Has relocated the UV sensor to STORM to optimize reading accuracy for the SKY2 camera.
  • Measurement accuracy of 0.2 mm per tip, no limit range.
  • Measures wind direction in eight compass points.
  • Detect bird landing and nesting.
  • Compact with a solar grid for continuous operation without recharge interruption.
  • Transmits data seamlessly through a Wi-Fi router and can control a variety of smart home hardware devices.
  • Has Multi-coated lenses and Anti-reflective casing of the best standard.
  • High color fidelity with 45° angle adjustable shooting
  • Automatic time-lapse generator with ultra-wide HD camera.
  • Because of its aerodynamic design, it adapts to the hardest weather conditions.

Price & Availability

Nowadays there is an increasing growth in people who are interested in promoting meteorology for education as well to get an accurate hyper-local weather condition. For them, Sky2 is a useful device that will be available for $249 and can be purchased without the Storm for $199. The company has started selling its new units from July 19. The kit includes everything needed to have a complete set of weather camera reporting system. Free Mount and Tripod Stand is added to the kits exclusively for Kickstarter backers only.


Whether you want to keep tracks of rain or any other weather related situations, then BloomSky SKY2 & STORM is the perfect combo that looks very intriguing in all aspects.