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Blisk – Finally a Dream Come True Browser for Web Developers

Blisk browser

With the multitude of devices and different screen sizes we use for web browsing, web developers face the hilarious task of meeting design elements for all different screen resolutions in combination with device types and screen sizes. To meet this challenge the new web browser Blisk has just arrived with all the developer and designer friendly attributes.

Blisk is the type of web browser that will not provide common web surfers anything of special interests. It is the browser made specifically to cater to the web developers who will need to test the responsiveness of the design across devices and platforms without needing to switch between devices and browsers.

This is a Chromium based browser with robust testing capability for web developers and designers allowing easy testing of websites to ensure the gorgeous and glitch free look and feel across multiple devices and platforms. The new browser is exceptionally easy to use with an array of developer friendly attributes. Just upon landing on the browser for the first time just easily one can orient with it and start using instantly. Let us have a quick look at the most important features and specs at a glance.

  • For seamless testing, it offers fully emulated mobile devices inside.
  • Easy sync with URL , desktop and mobile are ensured.
  • With the change of any file Blisk automatically refreshes the pages.
  • There are developer tools for debugging the desktop and mobile device.
  • It works seamlessly with an array of different IDE, language and frameworks.

Device Emulation

What makes Blisk different from any other browser and equips it with an array of developer-friendly attributes are the emulated pre-installed devices allowing easy testing of the code across a variety of devices and browsers. Thanks to this in-built device emulation developers can easily compare the behavior of their designs on various combinations of pixel ratios and screen resolutions.

Blisk browser allows using multiple devices simultaneously for testing. Let us have a look at the emulations offered by this new developer optimized browser.

  • Emulated device screen resolution
  • Emulated pixel ratio
  • Emulated user agent
  • Emulated touch event

Scroll Sync in Blisk

The scroll sync feature allows developers handle a part of the code for different devices without the trouble of concentration. For instance, when on your desktop device you scroll down a page exactly the same portion of the desktop page is visible on the mobile device screen.

Blisk offers synchrony between URL and scroll position across mobile devices and desktop. This feature is helpful for the following reasons.

  • Thanks to scroll feature you can compare the same page elements visually on a desktop and mobile devices.
  • Thanks to this feature the developers can concentrate on coding a part of the page.
  • Scroll feature allows you to rapid testing of mobile and responsive layout.

Auto Refresh Feature

Auto refresh feature allows you to update your page content on a regular basis without needing reloading multiple tabs for incorporating any change to the code. Besides that, there is also a single click screenshot feature allowing easy documentation of technical problems. It also allows saving all the screen shots taken by the team members into cloud storage so that members of the developer team can access them as and when needed.

Analytics Tool

For the developers having a keen eye for analytics, there is also a built-in sophisticated analytics dashboard that is capable of keeping track of the issues in cross-browser compatibility, loading speed and performance concerns. In real time, it informs of any bug hidden in the code. The browser with the help of analytics tool constantly monitors the code quality of the webpage.

  • The tool easily detects JavaScript errors.
  • It can enhance page loading speed.
  • Keep track of cross browser compatibility.
  • It monitors on-page resources like CSS, fonts, images etc. that could not load.

Compatibility with Project Management Systems

Blisk browser can easily integrate with all major bug trackers and other project management systems. This further creates more scopes for optimizing the project along with the role of Blisk Analytics and Screenshots.

  • With the integrated bug tracer, the developer can instantly submit bugs from the page.
  • With project management tools you can import checklists and test cases.
  • Blisk allows easy documentation and discussion over code with the developer team.
  • Blisk is easily compatible with an array of other services like Asana, Google Drive, Trello, TFS, etc.

To Conclude,

Blisk is presently available for Windows only. The browser being just launched is to go through a cycle of development to come up with more features. Nevertheless, it seems highly powerful with an array of cool features that can make the developer job easier than ever.