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Bimoz Smart eBike Drive Turns Any Bicycle into an Electric Bike

Bimoz e-bike Drive

The Bimoz is a lightweight and easy-to-use smart e-bike drive that weighs less than 2kg including its rechargeable battery. As we can see from the images, the e-bike drive contains three main parts including its gearless direct drive with pedal system, rechargeable battery pack, and a control unit mounted on handlebar. The e-bike drive is compatible with lots of bicycles, and the direct drive can be easily installed on the bike for about 20 minutes using included tools, and the battery pack can also be attached to the frame with ease.

The Bimoz comes with a 250W gearless direct drive motor that delivers a top speed of 25km, and the direct drive has no gears, belts or clutches between rider and the main sprocket, which means it’s extremely quiet, compact, robust and low-maintenance, and when turned off, it’s no friction or pedal resistance.

The secret behind the motor’s light weight is its use of a unique electromagnetic system that reduces friction as well as weight.

Moreover, the Bimoz is available in two battery packs. The small battery offers a riding range of approx 40 – 60 km and the large battery lets you ride about 130 – 150 km, and both battery units are detachable for convenient charging.

Smart Features of Bimoz

Bimoz e-bike Drive Smart Features

Furthermore, as a smart e-bike motor, the Bimoz also features integrated intelligent sensors that can track your cycling, and it wirelessly communicates with your smartphone in order to show you all tracking data. In addition, using its app, “mountains” can be simulated in the lowlands for exercise, and Cardio training allows you to enter your pulse rate, and the Bimoz will adjust the difficulty level in real time when it becomes too much or the course is too easy.

Key Features:

  • It offers drive support to mountains. The more you have to press down,
 the more help you get from the Bimoz.
  • No “pushing” or “pulling” required with Bimoz. Thanks to the permanent magnet system,
no audible noise of the drive.
  • Riding without drive is driving without any change to the riding characteristics.
 You can use your bicycle as if it were your normal bicycle.
  • Applying the design principle “less is more”, they have designed the Bimoz to below 2 kilograms (250 Watt, standard battery).
  • Training function:
 The Bimoz is an ideal exercise machine. Using the “Bimoz app”, “Mountains” can be simulated during an exercise in the lowlands.
  • Cardio training is also possible:
 You just have to enter your pulse rate, and the Bimoz supports you, if it becomes too much, or slows you down if the course is too easy.
  • Using the Bimoz app, you can your routes with your friends.

Price & Availability

The Bimoz has been successfully funded on indiegogo and has raised nearly $ 500’000 so far. You can still pledge $899 to preorder a Bimoz start kit for a short time. All Bimoz kits will be shipped in April this year.