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Big Ass Fans – Smart Haiku Ceiling Fans with SenseME Technology!

Big Ass Fans

Keeping up with the new and smart climate control systems is a tough task. Here is one that will surely impress you though.

The Haiku is an offering from Big Ass Fans who are known for their enormous fans used generally in restaurants and warehouses. Big Ass Fans used its SenseME technology on its newest offering, the Haiku ceiling fan, adding Wi-Fi connectivity and smart sensors for users to regulate temperature and start working when someone enters the space.

Haiku makes use of a built-in Wi-Fi module, an inbuilt infrared motion, ambient sensors for regulating temperature and humidity to sustain an ideal room temperature. Additionally there 39 LEDs that are smartly integrated into the fan’s underside with 16 different levels of settings for brightness control. The company states that its SenseME technology will be able to gauge comfort preferences of the user and even use automatic speed adjustments for using Haiku.

Big Ass Fans with Smart Controls

Big Ass Fans can help you start up or wind down the fan when one enters of leaves a room, it can even speed up when there are more people within the room, the temperature rise also prompts a drop in its temperature settings to maintain an ideal ambience.

  • The new fan Haiku can be controlled easily by its smartphone app for iOS devices, which includes multiple preset modes.
  • The Whoosh Mode replicates a breeze which would make the temperature 40 percent cooler, while the Sleep Mode lowers fan speed when you doze off
  • The Alarm mode on the other hand can be customized to wake you up with a preferred combination of air, controlled light and perfect sound.
  • The fan’s speed settings can be manually controlled through the remote control and will be aligned to user’s comfort preferences with its automatic speed adjustments.
  • The fan also includes six speed settings, and on its slowest setting, it’s difficult to even feel the air moving.
  • Big Ass Fans’ offering Haiku also doubles up as a lighting solution since its high-efficiency LEDs can be dimmed to different levels of brightness based on preferences.

Integration with other Smart Systems

Ultimately, Haiku Fans can be integrated with other devices, especially the Nest thermostat, which includes two different modes. The Big Ass Fans’ product can adjust its speeds for a steady temperature even when there is a spike in heat. It helps in avoiding the air conditioner and also saves a lot of money on energy costs.

These Big Ass Fans also start running in an unoccupied room during winters so that it circulates heat better. If motion sensors detect a person in the room, it slows down considerably to just blow in drafts.

Big Ass Fans can also be integrated with Jawbone fitness trackers. The fan will go in sleep mode if Jawbone is told that you’re going to bed. One can see sleep quality readouts and thus make adequate changes in the fan behaviour when you’re asleep.

The Makeover of the Classic Fan is Pricey!

With the advent of smart climate control systems, the classic ceiling fan is now having a smart makeover. These Big Ass Fans offering the Haiku along with SenseME technology are priced at a whopping US$1,045. Yes, you can buy three smart air conditioners and even the $250 worth Nest smart thermostats.

The build of the fan increases its costs rather than its smart functionality. The fans are said to be the quietest and the most energy-efficient fans in the world and are individually priced at a pricey $900. If you are up for a high-end ceiling like this, then the extra $200 would not matter to you for smartening it up. The LED light kit will cost $95 additionally.

These smart fans can be pre-ordered through Big Ass Fans’ website and are available in 52 inch and 60 inch diameter versions. They are available in caramel and cocoa colored airfoils and will include black or white-colored aluminum mounts.