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BETTER RE – Better Than Ever

Better Re

Many of us are phone junkies and usually replace our phone as soon as something new comes along. However, we do know that often, the hardware in our old phones is perfectly fine, including the battery. But fancy new screens and more powerful processors come with the everlasting issue of battery life, making battery packs a popular issue. Enlighten has come forward with solving this issue in a very stylish manner.

What’s Better Re?

The Better Re wakes up your old phone’s sleeping battery and allows it to slot into an adjustable external battery charger for your new phone. The design of its ‘upcycling power pack’ has received several awards and Enlighten is now seeking to fund through Kickstarter. The idea is so simple that it took everyone by surprise. A case was created to house an old cellphone battery and a sleek external charger was created. You can stack multiple expansion packs connected via magnet to bring about even more charge capacity. Enlighten says that it is the biggest battery currently in the market and the case can accommodate battery sizes up to  58.5 x 97.8 x 6.5 mm.

Of course, the amount of charge you could get off a Better Re depends a lot on the capacity as well as the condition of your old battery and the rate at which your current phone can charge at. With an output of 5 V and 2 A, Enlighten says that the Better Re could charge an iPhone 6, with its 1,810 mAh battery, in just under 55 minutes, while an iPad Air 2 and its 7,340 mAh battery could take just over 220 minutes. A Galaxy S6 (2,550 mAh) and Galaxy Note 4 (3,220 mAh) should take 76 and 96 minutes, respectively.

In the case of those who don’t use phones with removable batteries such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models, an LG3, or a Note, the company has a pledge package that includes a recycled phone battery. Enlighten also plans to bring into production batteries of its own.The Kickstarter campaign offers the Better Re for a US$39 pledge, with an additional $20 for an expansion case. If everything runs smoothly, delivery is estimated for November 2015.

So what makes Better Re Better than the rest?

Comes on One Single Platform

You might just be wondering whether your battery will fit into the Better Re. Well, with a Better Re, size does not matter. Any battery of yours will be brought back to life. Just get your batteries and reload. Carry around your Better Re and charge your mobile devices on a bus, train, plane or in a meeting.

Never Ending BETTER RE

Just like refilling ink into fountain pens, the Better Re can be used semi-permanently and it stays with you as long as you have a battery to replace – which we all have.

Smarten Up Every dayof Your Life

You don’t need to carry stacks of batteries with you anymore. With expansion packs having USB output ports, Better Re takes charge of your large capacity devices and can also be shared with friends to charge multiple devices all at once.

Better STYLE, Better DESIGN

Better Re is all about performance and style. The Red Dot award design has a cool aluminum look. It also comes in white, silver or black and you can have it matte or brushed. There is also this naturally distinct grain of wood part which gives the unique touch. Moreover, it’s not like other bulky external battery packs but fits right into your hand.

Designed For Our Better World

Keeping in mind even the disposal of the product, Enlighten has used 100% recyclable aluminum and walnut and maple hardwood, minimizing the potential harm that is likely to happen. With deep concern towards the conservation of nature, the materials used were kept strictly eco-friendly.

Dual Protection, Dual Safety

Beyond built-in PCM protections in your batteries, Better Re’s dual protection circuits ensures your safety from over-charge and over-discharge.