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BeoSound Shape: A Wall-Mounted, Wireless Speaker System

BeoSound Shape

Bang & Olufsen has a history of crafting speakers with really incredible design and technology. Its newest model, the modular BeoSound Shape, might be the most striking speaker ever. The BeoSound Shape is a wireless speaker system. The speaker system is up of a swarm of hexagonal panels. It is designed to be a quality set of speakers that blend in the background of your home. The reason is Bang & Olufsen’s algorithm. The algorithm was developed to make sure that the sound remains focused no matter where you move in the room. This is done by creating a fixed soundstage.

Modular System & Evolving Design.

The BeoSound Shape has a modular tile concept. The design is based on a single geometric shape of a hexagon. Each tile of BeoSound Shape serves as either a speaker, amplifier or acoustic damper. Theses tiles can be assembled together in endless combinations and sizes. That way it can serve rooms both big and small. BeoSound Shape speaker system so uniquely flexible that it can evolve with the changing ways you live. You can rearrange the tiles to form a new pattern. Or you change the colours when you redecorate. Or just add more tiles to boost sound performance or acoustic damping properties.

Impressive Features.

Custom Design: The BeoSound Shape has vast colour choices and modular design concept. You can customise it to match and elevate your home.
Room Acoustics: You can get rid of the problem by adding acoustic damper tiles when you design your BeoSound Shape, for better room acoustics.
A band on the wall: Brace yourself for an innovative and social music experience that brings ‘the band’ right into your room. BeoSound Shape intelligently uses a setup with multiple speakers. This setup helps deliver a concert-like experience of singer and instruments.
All-in-one: BeoSound Shape is not just a speaker. Rather it’s a complete system that can boast as many as 44 individual speakers. The system can play digital music in rich and detailed high-res audio quality.
Connectivity: At the heart of the system is our new BeoSound Core connectivity hub. It allows you to stream music directly from your phone or tablet via Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth.
Multiroom: BeoSound Shape is a part of a product range that lets you connect multiple wireless speakers. You can unite them in one Multiroom audio system.

Sound Staging.

BeoSound Shape gives you a mesmerising sound experience. Instead of developing the sound for a single fixed position. the unique upmixing algorithm of BeoSound will very smartly distribute the signals across the speakers. This will make the correlated signal appear in the centre from every listening position. This will result in your wall turning into a stage as the lead singer emerges in the centre. Then the instruments join in from the sides. All this stays in its place even when you move around the room. The sensation and symmetry of a live band performance are really sharp.

BeoSound Shape is an answer to the poor room acoustics in open multifunctional spaces, thanks to its design. The tiles absorb sound waves rather than reflecting them. This absorption not only improves your music experience but will also improve the entire acoustic atmosphere in the room.

Coming in August.

The Bang & Olufsen is planning to start the sale of BeoSound in the month of August. You can sign up on the Bang & Olufsen website to receive notifications. So that when both the custom configuration tool and preorders go live, you will be notified. The basic €4,000 BeoSound Shape package comes as a set of eight tiles. That includes four speakers, one amplifier, one core and two dampeners. This can be then expanded to include as many as 11 amplifiers and 44 speaker tiles.