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Aumeo Launches World’s First Personalized and Tailor-Made Audio Device!


Now technology can tailor sound based on every individual ear! Just as fingerprints, every individual has a diverse hearing mechanism. Using this specific trait, Aumeo has launched a device that can get you optimum results

Even though the advent of auto-tune and pop bands has ruined music for many, one might simply be having hearing issues too. Enter the gadget called Aumeo, which promises to improve hearing experience by analysing a listener’s hearing and tailoring the sounds to the person’s specific frequency range.

This pocket-sized device is smaller than an average mobile phone. It analyses the user’s hearing with a series of hearing tests that the user listens and adjusts volume until sounds disappear. Being the world’s first tailored audio device, it is set to be greeted with fanfare when it is set to launch in November.

Unique Hearing Sensation

Hearing specialists make use of audiograms for routine investigations related to hearing problems. The most important frequencies for speech are in the 250 to 6,000Hz range. Under ideal conditions though, a human can hear sounds even as low as 12Hz. Aumeo is designed for personal use but it can be used at home as well.

Individual hearing range has lot of variance. It is known that women experience less hearing loss problems than men. This product solves problems with its custom hearing experience.

Aumeo includes an expert team of professional audiologists who are well versed with treating patients, perform clinical trials and have even written medical papers. Since most people have different sensitivity to frequencies in their left and right ears, Aumeo can fine-tune headphones depending on ears’ hearing sensitivity.

The Frequency Master

Repeating sounds in different frequencies gives the system the required information to set and adjust all audio outputs, giving the user the best hearing potential for a tailored audio experience.

Audio sources can be connected to the incredible device with the help of a 3.5mm jack cable or through Bluetooth connection. Aumeo is compatible with all media services like YouTube and Netflix.

Paul Lee, founder of Aumeo states that since hearing is different for different people and hence unique hearing needs to be taken into account while creating audio devices. According to him, due to lack of clarity, consumers turn up the volume and thus damage their ears in the long run. Aumeo is designed specifically with an individual’s ears in mind so that the sound quality is top-notch for all those who are listening.

How Aumeo Works

The simple tests in Aumeo can help users to understand which of the six frequencies — 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz and 8 kHz –  hit the sweet spot of hearing and a profile is created and sent to the Aumeo through audio signals. Once the device is tailored to your hearing sense, you would not need the app again but you can run it if you are going to hook the device to other headphones.

According to the quick setup process, the hearing senses need to hit the “satisfactory” region and once the audio headphones are plugged in, one is sure to pick up better detail in the music without increasing the moderate volume in any way.

The Indiegogo sensation

The Aumeo entrepreneurs were seeking $40,000 on Indiegogo to pay for large-scale manufacturing of the product. The campaign has been humungous success since it has collected multiple times of the amount in a matter of days. Backers will get the device for around $99 after which the price is expected to go up to $129 during general sale.