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ASUS Chromebit : It’s now time to welcome $100 PC’s

Asus Chromebit

They say, Google Chrome is the world’s fastest and one of the best browser and it is almost used in large numbers along with Mozilla Firefox and Safari. The much acclaimed Chrome Operating System is found in laptops, tablets and even old style personal computers. Now, it seems there is a new entry to the list of Chromebook and Chomebox, a new PC on a stick version which is named Asus Chromebit. Must have heard about it. This is one of the latest Chrome devices that has been mentioned quite a lot lately by Google.

What is Asus Chromebit?

It has been two years that Chromebook released, now Google is out with Chromebit to take consumers away from the low cost Windows laptops. Recently, Chromebooks from HiSense and Haier go on sale today at $149 and the Asus Chromebook Flip which is a 360 degree convertible in the next few months. Asus Chromebit, that is a Chromebook on a stick will cost you less than $100. It is difficult to believe but it is true.

How it is able to cut down the cost to $100? The secret of this Chromebit is RK3288, which is a low cost ARM processor from Rockchip, a Chinese manufacturer of chips not heard by many outside of industry circles. The RK3288 is one of the first chips based on the quad core ARM Cortex A-17 architecture launched last year.

Features of Chromebit?

The Asus Chromebit is the perfect example of how compact a low cost device should be. It looks quite similar to the Chromecast, Google’s entertainment thumb computer to plug into a TV or a monitor. With the Chromebit, there is a full size USB connector for plugging in a USB hub. 

With the Chromebit in your pocket, you don’t even need your notebook, you can just plug the Chromebit in the HDMI plug of your TV or monitor and start working. he Chromebit doesn’t appear to be a truly novel idea, but rather a nice effort on the part of Google to market an existing concept.

More on Asus Chromebit:

The core concept of these devices lies at the idea that users would be happy to experiment computing especially at dirt cheap rates. Though these systems are not equipped to play powerful games and Windows applications, but that is not the point too. These are quite handy when it comes to using Gmail, Google Drive, Maps and apps like these.

Though many users believe that these devices are the same, just a few changes here and there to suit the user’s needs and price requirement. Google did not announce any new entry in the Chromebox and other desktop segment nor did we see any two-in-one tablets like Windows, but with 10 more Chrome products coming to market it won’t be too far. What are your thoughts on these low range computers?