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ARCHOS Citee Connect: World’s First Android Electric Scooter

ARCHOS Citee Connect

Taking inspiration from its electric scooter which has been praised for its eclectic design, the well known hardware manufacturer Archos just launched Google Android electric scooter named as the Archos Citee Connect. The range which has been designed and developed in France is powered by the Google’s Android operating system to deliver a gamut of advanced features that include a new navigation system. Archos Citee and Archos Citee Power range will be made available for the customers from April this year with a price tag of just €400 and €500 respectively.

Cutting edge electric scooter with mobile interface

Archos Citee Connect Android electric scooters are loaded with a large 5 inch high definition screen placed on the handlebars to allow you easy access to all features and guidances close at hand. The screen runs a multimedia dashboard app through which the rider can access all the features and functions just like using an Android smartphone. It is powered with high specs including a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB inbuilt memory. This handlebar device runs with a Google’s Android 8 Oreo mobile OS. This works as the on-board computer to show the rider scooter speed, distance covered and the battery level. It also remains connected to the web over 3G network helping the rider to use an array of apps while travelling.

The Archos Citee Connect is well equipped as a vehicle as well. It comes loaded with 8.5 inches wheels that are thoroughly puncture-proof. The tyres are also dimpled to deliver better suspension. Moreover, the scooter is run by a powerful 250W motor, and the 36V battery can run the scooter as long as 25km in cities. The Citee Power delivers a fast-paced driving experience as well, though it delivers comparatively a smaller range of just 18 to 22 km.

A futuristic scooter lineup

The French company which unveiled this new scooter has loaded it with a lot of futuristic specs for an electrically charged vehicle. It can be said as the fusion of mobility with smart transportation. It made the debut at Mobile World Congress 2018 with great applause. Archos Citee Connect is one of the three-scooter line-ups that the company unveiled with the new handlebar on-screen system. The Archos Citee Power is a little different with a bigger battery and a slightly more powerful motor to give you a more powerful riding experience. Obviously, this one is also the most expensive of the trio launched by the company.

A never before riding experience

It is already being dubbed as the first Google Android scooter that perfectly fused mobility within the operating mechanism of an electric scooter. The small form factor and portability are also major plus points of this scooter. Besides flaunting a 8.5-inch puncture-proof wheels and a powerful 250W motor along with regenerative braking system it can also travel within the city 16 miles at top speed with just a single charge. We expect the company to offer a docking station soon for the scooter. Now you can plug into the power source and recharge it.

As far as charging speed is concerned, it takes 2-3 hours for a full charge. While top speed is just short of 16 mph. The scooter offers two speeds, and there are disc brakes to bring you to a halt almost instantly. The whole scooter is very lightweight weighing well under 29 pounds. If you want to carry it, the handlebars can easily be folded as well.

The scooter also comes with WiFi and an integrated 3G connectivity which is a good solution for using your apps. Though the connection is not as fast as the LTE smartphone. But as an on-the-go transport system, it comes as a fairly robust solution.

In a nutshell,

It is rightly dubbed as the first Android run electric scooter that differs in many aspects from most other regular electric folding scooters. The smartphone mount placed on the handlebars with rich mobility features alone make the scooter stand out from the average electric scooters. If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter that just makes you ride a really a vehicle with cutting-edge features, it is just an invincible choice for you.