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Amazon Launchpad – The Ideal Marketing Program for Startups

Amazon Launchpad

While a bunch of big enterprises rule the retail market today, there are thousands of startups that have immense capability to offer innovative products and services that meet the distinct needs of customers. However, such startups fail to launch themselves in the proper way which restricts them from captivating the market. Lack of sufficient capital or the absence of an effective marketing platform hampers their takeoff, affecting their revenue in the long run.

Launching Made Easy

In order to make the launching process easy for startups, Amazon has launched a new program called Amazon Launchpad that enables startup companies to launch, market and distribute their products to millions of Amazon customers worldwide. With an efficient onboarding experience and a comprehensive marketing campaign, startups can get access to Amazon’s well established network of customers and vendors. Through Amazon Launchpad, startups can successfully launch state-of-the-art products using Amazon’s retail experience and expertise to create a market for themselves and drive revenue.

Get Noticed

By making the most of their marketing tools, Amazon Launchpad enables startups to showcase their products and achieve business goals:

  • Create Awareness: Using top class marketing tools, Amazon helps boost content of startups irrespective of their scope or line of business. By introducing new products in the system, Amazon Launchpad helps startups build a marketing plan and launch products in the right places in front of the right audience. Amazon Launchpad also includes such startups in the customer review programs that help them in receiving valuable suggests and comments from the customers themselves.
  • Brand Building: Amazon Launchpad offers startups with exclusive product detail pages that enable them to share their startup story with a large audience. Startups can make use of content rich features like videos and Q&As to showcase their products and bond with customers on a personal level.
  • Accelerate Business: Through Amazon Launchpad, startups get access to Amazon’s top notch infrastructure, reliable customer service and shipping benefits. By engaging with loyal and trustworthy Amazon customers, startups can accelerate their business and ensure elevated revenue.
  • Global Expansion: Once startups have sufficient market coverage using Amazon’s resources and tools, Amazon Launchpad helps them in scaling their businesses to a global level. By leveraging Amazon’s presence in world markets, startups can embark the journey of international growth.

Easy 3-Step Process

Once a startup has received product development funding from Amazon, it can launch the products through a simple 3-step process:

  • By registering as a vendor on Amazon Launchpad’s Vendor express platform, startups can upload necessary product information on the Amazon system.
  • Startups then need to confirm an initial order and ship their products to Amazon’s fulfilment centers.
  • Lastly, in order to gain as much exposure as possible, startups are required to upload product related assets like pictures, videos, product story etc. onto the Amazon system.

What’s in it for Amazon?

While Amazon offers a plethora of products and enjoys a massive customer base across the world, through Launchpad it aspires to bring exciting new products to their existing customers. By working with venture capitalists and crowd funding institutions, Amazon eases the sales and distribution problems that are prevalent with startups and drives them to focus on product innovation.

Open Doors to a Sea of Products

Innovation is driving startups to launch products that have the capability to meet the varying needs of customers, thereby making their lives easy. While startups have immense potential in developing products using the latest tools and technologies, they often fail to get noticed. With Amazon Launchpad, startups can now develop their brands and expand globally by offering a sea of products to customers worldwide.