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Amazon launches Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publish

When the world of Technology is moving to wearables, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Amazon has come up with an innovative solution for the field of Education and it turns out that this product from Amazon might just be something the doctor ordered for Education. When school kids are tech savvy and there is an increasing use of mobile devices and iPads and parents are worried about their kids not getting enough to read and why products like Amazon Kindle was an instant success. Amazon recently added a new update which might change the way we perceive named Kindle Direct Publishing which is Text Creator that you can download here.

What is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?

Amazon is looking to help teachers and lecturers to turn PDFs of heavy course materials, textbooks and various types of notes into Kindle ebooks that can be easily read on Mobiles, tablets, PCs and laptops. The newly formatted books by various authors can be uploaded to the Kindle Direct Publishing for the world to use and the end results is far more beautiful and useful than an age old PDF. The Amazon KDP EDU program is currently in beta version. Amazon might target “Comics and Graphic Novels” and “Teens and Young Adults” with their own portals.

Features of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

First up, the Amazon KDP will make reading more creative and fun. The KDP tool enables features such as highlighting, flashcards, note-taking. You can highlight something important to refer later or to mark something important for a test. You can cut out segments of a book and make a separate book to keep your stuff in the same book. For example, if you are referring three medical books for reference and you need to refer 3-4 chapters from each book then you can cut out those books and make it into a separate book where you can have everything in one place.

What is there to know about Amazon KDP?

The Text Creator tool is currently available only in English. The FAQ section on the website states that “textbooks and other content created using Kindle Textbook Creator can only be sold via the Amazon Kindle Store as outlined in Amazon’s Software End User License Agreement.” A similar quote stirred a major controversy when Apple launched iBooks Author. The current scenario for Amazon is that Amazon KDP gives 70 percent of the sale of a single book to the author for books priced between $2.99 to $9.99. Anything above or below this range is controversial because the author gets only 35 percent of that. If we compare with Apple then even Apple gives their authors 70 percent per single book no matter what price category the book belongs to. That is fair and logical too.

Amazon has taken the right initiative to promote the habit of reading first with Amazon Kindle and now enhanced that experience through Kindle Direct Publishing. We are sure this too, just like Amazon Kindle would be a huge success among the masses. If you are skeptical about the success of the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, then we would like to know the reason. Mention it in the comments below and we can have a healthy discussion on the topic.