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Amazon Dash : Now Buy with a Single Press of a Button

Amazon Dash button

Many technology giants fooled their followers on Social Media by announcing some weird stuff and Amazon too was considered to be playing a prank on their followers when they launched the ‘Dash’ button. If you are someone who always runs out of the basic necessities of life and always end up disturbing the neighbour for coffee, toilet paper, razors etc. then this Dash button from Amazon is a definitely something you should order.

What is Amazon ‘Dash’ button?

The online shopping giant Amazon announced about the Dash it was considered an April Fool’s prank by many and most of the blogs reported it as just another prank by Amazon but the company later said that the ‘Dash’ button is actually a product.

The Dash button is a small oval electronic device which is as small as a flash drive. Each single device comes with the name of a frequently used product, for example a Gillette razor or Tide washing powder. You just need to press this small button and the dash uses Wi-Fi to send a message to your Amazon account and automatically ordering a new stock of the products you’re about to run out of.

Features of Amazon Dash:

If looks could kill, Amazon Dash could be termed as a potential killer. It is that good looking. You can set the buttons via Amazon’s mobile shopping app and assign specific products and the amounts you want to have with each click. When you click the dash button, you get a message on your phone which gives you a 30 minute window to cancel an order. This is something I was worried, when you have kids or curious guests coming over for dinner. No matter how many times you click the button, the order will be sent just one by one at a single time.

More on Amazon Dash

Currently, the Amazon Dash button is available to the people having an Amazon Prime Membership ( This means more sales of the Amazon Prime Membership) Then the buttons connect with your home Wi-Fi and the Amazon App. Good way of making people use the Amazon app and the Premium membership. Smart move by Amazon.

The buttons are launching with 18 brands today — meaning if you want detergent, you’re getting Tide. I hope you like Gatorade, because that is the only drink available at the moment so other brands will be likely to be added soon. You do not need to enter the credit card info every now and then because Amazon has that already. Let’s see how Amazon fares with the Dash button.