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Get Amazing Storage with Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

With cloud computing revolutionizing the digital world, every enterprise, small or big, is looking to embrace this state-of-the-art technology to leverage the humongous benefits that it offers. Cloud storage is one such area which is quickly becoming immensely popular.

Digital Content Storage Made Easy

Banking on this high revenue opportunity is Amazon that has launched the Amazon Cloud Drive. The Amazon Cloud Drive is an unlimited cloud storage option that is offered to customers as a service. Furthermore, it facilitates secure access to digital content from any device, from anywhere and at any given point of time.

Soaring to New Heights

Although Amazon announced its Cloud Drive launch in 2011, with each year it is adding additional features to meet the fluctuating needs of customers and ensure adequate storage is provided.

  • The Amazon Cloud Drive allows users to get different forms of digital content from different devices like mobile phones, PCs and tablets and store them at one place.
  • With easy and secure web access, customers can access their data from any location and from any device. It ensures high level of security and encryption of customers’ data.
  • Files and photos if deleted from the device, can still be viewed on the Cloud Drive.
  • In July 2015, Amazon also launched the Cloud Drive app that makes it easier for customers to access their Cloud Drive account through their phones.
  • A sleek timeline layout makes it easier to search for content on the drive.
  • Additionally, customers can turn on the auto-save mode on their app to constantly back up the content on the Amazon Cloud Drive.

How Amazon Cloud Drive fares Against Competition

The cloud storage market is extremely competitive, with many players offering similar kinds of services. Apart from price, value added services too can help cloud storage providers to attract and retain customers.

  • In addition to offering storage space on the cloud, Google Drive allows the flexibility to work offline.
  • Google Drive is seamlessly integrated with Gmail for smooth and easy uploading of files and attachments.
  • It allows Android users to scan documents and convert them into PDF for easy storage.
  • Further, Microsoft OneDrive offers customers offline editing and syncing options.
  • Windows 8 Users have exclusive access to PC backup and camera roll for easy uploading of content into the drive.
  • Dropbox on the other hand provides users with virtual synced storage, allowing them to easily share and retrieve content from any machine.
  • It also allows users to sync photos from their camera, phone or tablet through the Dropbox app.

Features and Pricing

Amazon is offering customers 2 unlimited cloud storage plans; one to store their photos and one to store photos and everything else. The Unlimited Photos plan allows customers to upload photos from their mobiles, PCs and laptop and store them securely in the Amazon Cloud Drive.

  • The unlimited photo plan is priced at $11.99 a year, with an additional 5GB storage to store videos and files. The Unlimited Everything plan on the other hand allows customers to store a wide range of content in the form of photos, videos, documents, music, moves, and files on the Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • The Unlimited Everything plan is priced at $59.99 a year. Additionally, customers have the option of testing both the plans for free for a period of three months.


Amazon Cloud Drive provides users with a wide assortment of advantages ranging from unlimited storage, easy accessibility, high security, easy sharing and increased collaboration. No matter what the storage need, Amazon offers unlimited plans for all kinds of content and is constantly evolving in order to stay ahead of competition.