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Alex Posture Tracker: An Innovative Way to Track and Perfect Your Posture

alex posture tracker

Are you reading this text on your mobile screen? How many hours do you spend in a day stooping over your phone? What about the people in workplaces who sit in front of their computer for prolonged hours? All of these people including the casual mobile users like me and you often feel it tough on our neck thanks to prolonged and stiff posture while looking over the mobile or computer screen. Increasing number of people these days are suffering from pain in the neck or spine just due to the unhealthy sitting posture for extended hours. The recent popularity of posture tracker is not a hype but a consequence of this.

Alex posture tracker and coach is unique in many respects. It offers an easy way to train your neck and perfect your posture to minimise the effects of lowering your neck for a prolonged time to a minimum. Some of the key features of Alex Posture Tracker include the following.

  • Alex as a device evaluates and measures the neck angle and position of the head to prevent stiffness in the neck.
  • Alex automatically sends a gentle vibration alert whenever you slouch back in a poor posture. The device trains you for a perfect pain-free posture.
  • As a wearable, it comfortably sits around your neck leaving no room for discomfort.
  • Over time the device tracks your posture in real time through the connected mobile app.
  • The robust battery life of Alex keeps the device working continuously for a week without needing to recharge in between.

Comfortable Design

The design of the Alex is made to ensure comfort for the neck with flexible little arms that hang around your ears. The device is extremely lightweight and non-invasive offering total comfort even when you are working on your device the whole day. The simple and sleek design of the device also allows women to hide the device underneath their hair. The best thing about Alex is that it looks more like a headphone. The sensors are hidden in the backside of the ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and by resting against the neck it tracks the movement and sends gentle vibration when you are slouching or stick to a posture for a long time.

Posture Tracking Technology

There are two built-in sensors that are settled in the lower base of the ALEX and they can easily detect the head position. After detecting the head position it sends the sensor data to the mobile app accompanied by the Alex app. The app itself is very easy to use and the interface allows you manoeuvring the options without any complexity and difficulty of any sort. You can set up the profile and based on that further can calibrate the angles of bad posture.

The app also allows you setting your daily goals and readjust according to them. In the ultimate sense, this app will allow correcting posture over time and make you conscious about your posture. If one is suffering from neck and back pain with the use of this device can alleviate the pain to a great extent after a certain time.

Achieving Physical Fitness Over Time

As per most users following just a week’s time of use Alex Wearable Posture Coach will make one more conscious of his or her postures at a given point of time. Though you will not observe your pain to go away completely just after starting to use the device, over time it will help alleviate the neck and back pain. With Alex keeping you updated about your progress in correcting posture over a period of time, without tracking your progress for longer you can see yourself embracing a healthy way of life.

Final Verdict

Alex may not just take away your issues with back and neck pain instantly, but as a posture tracker and coach, it is capable to alleviate the pain and imperfection in neck posture with continuous use for a period of time. The typical ‘text neck’ syndrome can completely be prevented with the prolonged use of Alex. People who constantly look down at their phone or go into a slouching posture can find the device and the app incredibly helpful. Just with a price tag of $85, Alex can help you sit and stand with proper and healthy posture all the times.