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Aibo: Sony’s Robotic Dog Got a Facelift With New Look And Features


If you have already heard that Sony is coming with its robotic dog replenished and refurbished with new features, you have heard it right. The new version of Sony’s robotic dog Aibo will have the power of Artificial Intelligence in it. The new Aibo will also have a new look with more distinct features in the face and more expressive puppy eyes besides having a boost in features and capabilities.

Some of the key tech that makes this new and refurbished Aibo stands out include deep machine learning, fish-eye cameras and a gamut of other sensors embedded in it. The new Aibo is able to recognize and detect both audio sounds and visuals and respond to the surrounding environment accordingly. Its interaction with the surroundings thanks to its responsive and intelligent behavior appears to be more human and less robot-like in character.

A Bounty Of Wireless Capabilities

AIBO is just not a robot but it is an equally wireless device that can be remotely controlled for various activities. You can direct it to send emails and can even use it as your music library with remote storage. Using the 64MB memory card the user can also change the settings of AIBO facilitating communication with the nearby wireless point.

Wireless Music Playback

The wireless music playback of this robot dog deserves a special mention just because Aibo does not come with best in class speaker offering great sound quality. But as it is capable to work as a music hub and can connect your speakers and screens wirelessly, it never gives you a miss in entertainment.

It Takes Charge On Its Own

AIBO has the great ability to detect nearby charging station and place itself over it for receiving a full charge. Though this ability seems a bit funny, sometimes it just gets stranded near the station and seems to forget the charging station nearby. There should at least be beacon device attached to the stations to do away with this problem.

But Surprisingly Human

Few shortcomings aside Aibo seems funny and human enough in behavior and responses. From greeting you at home with a distinct welcome note to responding to the members with specific instructions and sounds, Aibo over time just makes itself a member of the family. Even it shows a fondness for playing with its favorite toys.

Utilitarian And Purposeful

AIBO appears as completely utility driven and purposeful to address most of your day to day tasks at home. Whether reading your emails aloud to you to sending emails as per your instructions to playing media and grabbing images with its inbuilt camera, Aibo can do too many things for you. If you want it to take time-lapse images of the home interior just touch the chin and sensor at the back side for three seconds and it starts right away. As far as the image quality is concerned, they are not completely satisfactory but fairly passable.

To make AIBO perform certain tasks at home, you have an array of cards. With these cards, you can make it return to its station, dance on the floor, play games with its toys, play media files and many other tasks. You make it perform the respective action just by holding the card 10 centimeters away from its face. Following this, it will just do what the card says. For an array of regular tasks, the method seems simpler and effective.

We must spare a few words on all the lights that shine on its face and head. AIBO has a very lighted face with sensors placed under the chin, on the back of its head. All these lights and sensors undoubtedly give this robotic dog an attractive look. If you cannot make out what these lights particularly mean, know that the green lights flickering in its eyes tells about feeling happy when recognizing someone familiar. While these emotions you will be frequented with gradually, accumulatively they give the robot a real animal feel.

Final Verdict

Aibo can be difficult for setting up the features and there is a moderate learning curve involved in making the robot function, it is undoubtedly a truly futuristic home robot that signifies a whole range of innovations that are still to come.