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90’s famous Toejam and Earl are back with a bang

toejam and earl

Remembering the good old days of Toejam and Earl in the 90’s was one of the favourite past times of many teenagers of that generation who have now grown up to be the biggest fans of Xbox and PlayStations. Kids playing these games were considered to be the ultimate geeks and were many a times even avoided at schools and playgrounds but little did they mind about being ignored as long as they got their hands on their favourite Toejam and Earl. Such was the fascination of this game and now they are back with a bang.

What is Toejam and Earl?

Toejam and Earl, originally released in early 1991 for the Saga Genesis was the biggest hits of that generation. It was backed by a pair of sequels later, Panic on Funkotron and Mission to Earth, which eventually couldn’t quite create a stir like the original game and was a cause of sheer disappointment for Toejam and Earl fanboys. Toejam and Earl are now back and have started funding on Kickstarter.

New expected Features of Toejam and Earl:

  • A “Travel back in time” theme that will have the player come across old and new characters.
  • More in-game abilities that will be presented through various hats.
  • A newly added “Flying presents” item.
  • More Co-op features that will allow you to do things such as restore life to the other player.
  • A night time filter.

The Kickstarter campaign is headed by Greg Johnson who described this as the ultimate Toejam and Earl sequel which could not happen back in the 90’s while Toejam and Earl were still pretty popular among the teens and kids of that generation. Kids have been asking for a proper sequel since a long time and Greg believes  that now is the right time for a sequel.

Greg believes that it is better to go old school with this game as it is very close to his heart. He insisted on using fixed isometric camera, 2D sprites, simple controls and coop play. A new list of gameplay options have been added to this new version which is a breath of fresh air in gaming, that is what Greg believes and we agree with him knowing his expertise in this department since the time when gaming was still blooming.

The Kiskstarter goal is $400,000 which Greg thinks is more than enough to get the game done along with the marketing campaigns. There are only three people working on this game at the moment and he has hinted that the number would not exceed eight. Too many responsibilities on the broad shoulders of this team and possibly the last chance of revival. We hope they get their funding soon as we are curious to see the game out soon and see how it matches the gamer’s expectations.