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7 Ways 5G Will Change Business and Marketing

It is said that companies like Verizon will start deploying 5G by the end of this year. For those who are not aware, 5G is a wireless networking technology that allows connection speed up to 10 Gbps or up to 100 times faster than 4G LTE. In the beginning, it will only be deployed for fixed residential connections. It will soon be widespread for mobiles too.

5G technology comes with a blazing speed and that might be too much for some people. 4G LTE has already been fast enough, be it for playing games, watching videos, or browsing the internet. But 5G won’t exactly be used to support the regular applications we use today. Mobile app development companies will have to learn to channelize this exceptional force that is 5G. Rather, it will be used for purposes that are larger or greater than routine. It will be an amazing supporting infrastructure for futuristic applications. Let’s take a look at how 5G will transform things around us.

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1. Internet will become completely wireless

5G will bring wireless internet to almost everything. 5G will offer more ways to consume the internet instead of cables connecting your business with the internet. So there will not be a wired system, and you can work with a broader bandwidth. This provides faster internet and greater mobility. 5G will provide truly wireless connectivity.

2. More real-time connections

You can do so much more with a faster internet. It can allow consumers to do live video chats and have consumers and brands connect on a real-time basis. With 5G, there will also be more virtual reality opportunities. With the speed that 5G offers, it will truly allow brands to become one with their customers.

3. Newer realities will come to life

Mobile will definitely rule the business space. But with 5G, augmented reality and virtual reality are also going to be extremely important. This will also change the way marketing works. The jargon ‘digital experience’ which was only a jargon until now, will now become more tangible. The world of online marketing will enter a new phase.

4. Augmented Reality

To actually work and make most of its true potential, augmented reality needs that kind of speed to work, which can definitely be offered by 5G. We do have cloud, but there is also a limit to how much real-time cloud processing can be done. This is because of the bandwidths at our disposal. But this will definitely change when 5G comes into the picture.

5. More video content

Video content will become more prevalent, thanks to high bandwidth. But with 5G, bandwidth wouldn’t really be a concern. Almost all the applications on a mobile device will come with real-time to great processing power and limitless storage.

6. Size of the market will grow

When there is a faster connection, more people go online. So with the launch of 5G, more and more people are guaranteed to start using the internet. This will, in turn, result in the growing of the market. This also allows people to move to mobile-friendly, rather than using desktops.

7. Untapped applications will come into the picture

There have been many ideas and applications that haven’t become reality because of the bandwidth. But with 5G, that will change. More untapped ideas and applications will become reality because 5G will help them with the speed they require to run on a regular basis.

The future is here

The leap from 4G to 5G will have a dramatic impact on our lives. It is extremely important to prepare ourselves for the future of work. Research suggests that a lot of tasks will become automatic, so manual energy or labor will not be required. With the arrival of new, powerful network, there will be some really amazing things happening. Till then, all we can do is keep guessing. You can contact Nimblechapps, to know more about 5G technology.