Virtual Reality

Gear 360 VR Camera – Samsung’s Latest Foray Into Virtual Reality

Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera

After recording disappointing sales for Galaxy S6, Samsung is trying to get back to profitability with the S7 and S7 Edge that is its strongest attempt to get back into making a strong impression in the mobile world. The company has recorded nearly 40% year-on-year drop in sales, citing a very difficult business environment.

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Avegant Glyph Headphone – The Strangest Headset that Pairs High Quality Audio with Immersive Video!

Glyph Headphone

The Avegant Glyph Headphone is an innovative headset that is close to virtual reality that is not virtual reality. It delivers a terrific semi-immersive video experience and blends it with high-quality audio. Continue reading

The Top Five VR Headsets of 2015 Are Here!

The Top Five VR Headsets of 2015

The virtual reality world is just becoming real in the real world. With the influx of VR headsets developed by several technology companies, the virtual world is soon expected to make headway in every sphere, be it marketing, gaming or any other.

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Google Launches Standalone Street View App for Android and iOS

Google Street View App

The Internet has opened windows to a world of stunning pictures and amazing videos from around the globe. With people travelling to exotic places, the ability for them to share such images on the Internet with friends and family is truly exciting. Continue reading

GoPro Odyssey is Google’s Jump to Virtual Reality!

GoPro Odyssey

Virtual Reality has caught everyone’s attention and even Google is not spared. And with the advent of the wild, behemoth 16-camera virtual reality rig announced by GoPro, one can expect huge strides in the domain. Continue reading

Nokia Ozo – The Virtual Reality Camera that Redefines the Company?

Nokia Ozo

Nokia, the former handset maker recently announced a spherical virtual reality camera named the OZO in LA. The camera is a smooth and spherical unit with multiple bulging camera nodules resembling a bug-eyed look.

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What to expect from Facebook’s F8 developer conference


A few months ago, there were reports stating that the popularity of Facebook is going down and soon Facebook would fade away just like Orkut, but very few people would have imagined Facebook to bounce back and that too in a way that is beyond imaginations. Continue reading

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Windows 10 event

Just like Apple, 2014 was an equally eventful year for Microsoft as well. Announcement of Windows 10, anticipation of a fast and light Web Browser Spartan, know more about Spartan. Continue reading

Samsung collaborates with Oculus to venture into Virtual Reality


samsung gear vr headset

Virtual Reality or VR as it is fondly known as, is the latest sensation in the world of Technology. The Rift from Oculus Virtual Reality company was the first virtual reality head-mounted display to be used mostly for 3D gaming purposes. Continue reading