Robotic Ball

Hackaball – The Smart Ball with Impeccable Features!


Technology has become an integral part of every sphere of our life. The car we drive, the phone we use, the television we watch, the laptop we work on – technological advances have made way into our lives in innumerable forms. Continue reading

Musio: Your friend in need and in deed


If you are looking for a robot that was more like Wall-E, then you have the adorable Musio to fulfil that need. Musio is the world’s first artificially intelligent robot designed to speak to you, grow with you and even give you a hug when you need it the most. Continue reading

Sphero Balls – The Fun Robotic Ball for Geeks and Kids!

Sphero Balls – The Fun Robotic Ball for Geeks and Kids

As many of our games are evolving and advancing right in front of us, we have some more to show. Every toy store panders to the geeks and the kids who are fond of tech toys and their classic avatars. Continue reading