Raspberry Project

BBC Micro Computer – The Gateway to a Digital World

BBC Micro Computer

With technology revolutionizing the lives of millions worldwide, the power of programming is obvious. Every line of code that is developed today has the capability to improve our lives in more ways than one. Continue reading

C.H.I.P – The World’s First $9 Computer is Here for You!


C.H.I.P. is the world’s first $9 computer that is extremely tiny and easy to use. You can work with LibreOffice and save your documents, surf the internet, check email over wifi, play games and use dozens of pre-installed applications and tools. Continue reading

Raspberry Pi – A $35 Computer is a game changer


How much does you recent computer cost? If anywhere close to a thousand dollars is your standard answer,  then you have been spending a lot on your devices and we would suggest you to know something about a $35 computer which is capable to perform all the tasks Continue reading