Project Fi

Google Photos App: “Say Cheese!”

There was so much news buzzing around at the Google 1/O 2015, that the company didn’t really have the time to flush out key announcements like the Google Photos service. Continue reading

Google’s Project Soli – bringing gesture control to wearables

Project Soli

Catching everyone’s attention at the Google I/O, its ATAP teased the new session with talked of a wearable that would ‘literally’ blow your socks of. Continue reading

Google’s Project Jacquard – The Smart Wardrobe

Project Jacquard

It is indeed amazing how technology has developed in leaps and bounds in just a few years, so much so that we now can think of clothing which is the intersection of clothing and connectivity. Continue reading

Google Project Fi – The Virtual Wireless Giant in the Making

Project Fi

It’s official. Google has started its own wireless business! The much talked about Google Project Fi has come as a blessing at a time when speed and reliability in connectivity is almost as important as nature. Continue reading