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BETTER RE – Better Than Ever

Better Re

Many of us are phone junkies and usually replace our phone as soon as something new comes along. However, we do know that often, the hardware in our old phones is perfectly fine, including the battery. Continue reading

The Five iPhone 6 Cases that are worth drooling for…

iPhone 6 Cases

Show off your personal style with iPhone 6 cases which are trendy and useful. For girls, if you want to have a case that is cute or a cover that is blatantly cool, it is necessary to know where one can get some unique cases that are worth drooling. Continue reading

Mophie Juice Pack – Recharge your iPhone!

Mophie Juice Pack – Recharge your iPhone!

If you have serious power needs and some drop protection, and want your iPhone to get you through a full 18 hour day with moderate to heavy usage, then the Mophie Juice Pack H2Pro is just your kind of thing to have.

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