Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10’s October Updates: What’s new, What’s Wrong?

There have been reports about some missing files on Windows system after the updates were made. This has made Microsoft put a hold on rolling out the latest Windows 10 OS update. Recently, Microsoft made an announcement on its support page about putting a pause on the distribution of the Windows 10 October update after there were reports of users missing their files after the software update.

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The Top Five Incredible Features of Windows 10

Windows 10

With the advent of Windows 10 looming in our near future, and we get to be free from the Windows 8 travesty that blocked our systems for long enough. Continue reading

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Windows 10 event

Just like Apple, 2014 was an equally eventful year for Microsoft as well. Announcement of Windows 10, anticipation of a fast and light Web Browser Spartan, know more about Spartan. Continue reading