Blocks Modular Smartwatch – The Smart Custom Wearable!

Blocks Modular Smartwatch

One can say that the best attribute of a PC is that it can be custom-made for your needs. One can enhance graphics capabilities and even upgrade your video card. If you are running out of memory, you can install and upgrade that too.

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The 3D Printer is now Kid-Friendly with Rever 3D!

Rever 3D Printer

The commercial 3D printer space was reserved for designers and has not yet made inroads in the mainstream technology. It has garnered an academic niche. By introducing 3D printing to a new market, kids, Rever 3D is making it count. Continue reading

Kamigami – The Customizable Origami Robot for Everyone!

Kamigami Robots

Robotic vacuum cleaners, drones, driverless cars and multiple robots are now crowding the tech market and they are all fascinating. Now instead of learning robotics, one can have a bit of fun, with the latest Kamigami which is a light, affordable robot.

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Print Directly from your Desktop with the Form 2 3D Printer

Form 2 3D Printer

Technology is making headways in every industry. Thousands of companies worldwide are embracing state-of-the-art technologies to build innovative and top-notch products. Formlabs is one such company, which is putting in efforts to take 3D printing to the next level.

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Aumeo Launches World’s First Personalized and Tailor-Made Audio Device!


Now technology can tailor sound based on every individual ear! Just as fingerprints, every individual has a diverse hearing mechanism. Using this specific trait, Aumeo has launched a device that can get you optimum results

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Nexpaq – the Modular Wizard Case for your Smartphone

Nexpaq – the Modular Wizard Case for your Smartphone!

We equate smartphone cases as pure aesthetic devices since they come up in brilliant colors, images and ideas including classy laser etched wood cases and bunny years. But a case with added functionality than security of your phone is something you must have dreamt of. Continue reading

90’s famous Toejam and Earl are back with a bang

toejam and earl

Remembering the good old days of Toejam and Earl in the 90’s was one of the favourite past times of many teenagers of that generation who have now grown up to be the biggest fans of Xbox and PlayStations. Continue reading