Internet of Things

Prizm – The Music Brain that will Play your Music Preferences Easily!

Prizm - The Music Brain

Imagine your music player detecting your presence in the room and playing your favourite playlist of your favourite genre. Or let’s say the entire party is dying down, and heavy metal is going to do no good. It’s time for the playlists to be changed and some music is required to amp up the mood.

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Wove Band – The First Smartwatch that Bends

Wove Band

Smart technology is soon becoming the most important constituent in the realm of Internet of Things. Being in the midst of connected devices enables us to live a more comfortable and easy life. Continue reading

Control Your TV With Simple Finger Gestures With Singlecue


Technological advances have been happening at lightning fast speed. Smartphones and smart wearables have completely transformed our lives, and continue to innovate with each passing day. Continue reading

Now Enjoy Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity with Google’s Smart OnHub Router

OnHub Router

Technological innovations have brought with them a multitude of features that are making human lives easier. With hordes of apps available that promise to perform a variety of tasks, high-speed and uninterrupted Internet connections have become the foundation of a happy and satisfied mobile or web user.

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