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Nanoleaf Smarter Kit – Lights up with iPhone Siri!

Nanoleaf Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf, specializes in energy-efficient LED-based lights and have now introduced some innovative light bulbs that are artistic and traditional in equal measure blessed with LEDs mounted on printed circuit boards.

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Nucli Smart Lock – The Smartest Deadbolt for your Door!

Nucli Smart Lock

Everyone hates keys and once you lose them, it is damn tough to open the locks. Smart locks are now being used as popular security options for smart home. The trends have been clear about the digital age anyways!

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Big Ass Fans – Smart Haiku Ceiling Fans with SenseME Technology!

Big Ass Fans

Keeping up with the new and smart climate control systems is a tough task. Here is one that will surely impress you though.

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Top 5 HomeKit Devices you should be aware of before this fall!!!

HomeKit Devices

Now that HomeKit devices are being shipped, Apple fans are keen to explore the latest collection of HomeKit-certified smart home gadgets and apps.

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Lutron Caseta Turns On Lights with iPhone Siri!

Lutron Caseta

Turn on and off lights without hassle with your own iPhone assistant! Well, this is what Lutron has in store…

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Numio Smart Home Automation: freely configurable, wireless controller

Smart Home

Aiming at interacting with the digital world with an unconscious use of tools and realizing the beauty and quality that results from using them, here we got a set of designers to bring about the Numio Smart Home Automation. Continue reading

EmoSPARK – The Home Console that is Intelligent Enough!


Imagine a life where all you have to do is ask for something to be done and it’s done! EmoSPARK – The Home Console that is Intelligent Enough to actually do this. Continue reading

Top 5 Home Automation devices which will improve our lives

IGOO Smartlamp

We are back with the top five of the week and this time we have a list of home automation devices that will change the way we used to approach our surroundings and it will be making smart changes to our homes and make our lives easier, and better of course. Continue reading

How International CES took us to the future of Technology

If you are an ardent fan of technology and gadget related stories then CES 2015 must have been the perfect event for you and for others who don’t know about CES but still like to follow Technology updates from the best in the business. Continue reading