Alto Mail – The New Email Manager by AOL

Alto Mail

Let’s see today what Alto Mail, the new mobile app of email management has to offer. The app was created by AOL and can support mails from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and even iCloud. AOL Mail is something not many use but the support is extended to its own email engine. Continue reading

Yahoo’s New Mail App – Integrate All Your Online Accounts In One Place

Yahoo’s New Mail App

The Internet has changed our lives in more ways than one. Today people have multiple accounts online across multiple platforms for multiple purposes. Continue reading

Now, You Can Self-Destruct Sent Mails with Dmail


With people living busy lives, face-to-face communication has paved the way for online communication. Emails, instant messaging apps, video and audio calls over Internet have gained momentum over the years. Continue reading

Manage your email clutter with Unsubscriber app


Do you have the count for exactly how many promotional mails you receive on a regular day? Marketers have gone all aggressive in the past few years and it is difficult to get rid of spammy mails and have to manually unsubscribe from email lists. Continue reading