Drone Camera

3DR Solo – The Smartest Drone in the Market is Making its Presence Felt!

3DR Solo

3DR recently launched the Solo which is almost military in its design and resembles the DJI Phantom 3 in size. It sports a smart controller that is compatible with iPad mini thus rendering a large display for shot composition. Continue reading

360fly – The Action Camera that Redefines Shooting a Complete Field of View!


The 360fly is an action camera that looks like a barrel-shaped GoPro and a golf ball. It features spherical lens that points into the air by default and captures everything with a single recording within its 360 degree field of view.

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Explore Life Under-Water with OpenROV Trident Robot

OpenROV Trident Robot

Technology has opened new doors for people to enjoy and discover the impossible. With every device crafted to offer a delightful user experience, robots are helping people enjoy a new world altogether. OpenROV Trident is one of them. Continue reading

Yuneec Tornado H920 – The Perfect Aerial Photographic Equipment for Professionals

Yuneec Tornado H920

Advances in technology are spanning across industries. While the smartphone industry is witnessing the maximum growth, photographic and videographic equipment are also experiencing a paradigm shift. Continue reading

FotoKite Phi – A Leashed Drone to Take Stunning Ariel Videos with your GoPro

FotoKite Phi - A Leashed Drone

GoPro, the American manufacturer of action cameras, has captured the extreme-action videography market with its high resolution, extremely sturdy cameras. Continue reading