Kiba Camera – Family Clicks Done Right!

Kiba Camera

People who have worked on the process of compiling movies know the importance of getting the good video clips separated from bad shots. Here is a new gadget that can make the process easier for you. The Kiba camera is specially designed to capture and curate moments automatically. Continue reading

Misfit Specter – The Fitness Headphones are here!

Misfit Specter

Misfit is now opting to make products for a new category: headphones. The fitness tracker manufacturing company has now introduced some sleek and simple headphones that are classy in their own right with a pair of Bluetooth earbuds which are termed as Specter.

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Mcor ARKe – The World’s First Full-colour Desktop 3D Printer

Mcor ARKe

During CES 2016, Mcor revealed their innovative desktop 3D printing market, with the Mcor ARKe. This device brings full color 3D printing to any setting along with a sort of additive manufacturing that has never been seen in the market.

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Top Five Innovations at CES 2016 that Deserve the Plaudits!

CES 2016

CES 2016 has recently been in full swing with multiple innovations on board from thousands of companies. Here are five of the important breakthroughs that have made a huge impression and deserve kudos to thinking forward.

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Razer Stargazer – One Hell of a Webcam that even Shoots in 3D!

Razer Stargazer Webcam

Traditional webcams nowadays fail to demands of game streamers and they need something entirely new.

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Prizm – The Music Brain that will Play your Music Preferences Easily!

Prizm - The Music Brain

Imagine your music player detecting your presence in the room and playing your favourite playlist of your favourite genre. Or let’s say the entire party is dying down, and heavy metal is going to do no good. It’s time for the playlists to be changed and some music is required to amp up the mood.

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Lego Toy Robots will now Teach Coding to Youngsters

Lego Toy Robots

Lego Mindstorms robots have always been mind-boggling. These robots have now done great work getting kids to be interested in programming. Lego Education will now power a new robot learning system, which is also named WeDo 2.0 for teaching kids to know more about engineering and software codes.

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LG Plans to Showcase it’s Big and Rollable OLED Panel at CES 2016

LG Rollable OLED Panel

CES 2016 is here again, bringing the new technologies to the wide-eyed world. LG for one, is not content to play second fiddle this year as it is all set to unveil a slew of tantalizing products which will push the boundaries for OEMs even further this year.

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Alcatel Onetouch to Showcase Caretime Watch along with new products at CES!

Alcatel Onetouch Caretime Watch

Alcatel has a history of a fantastic smartphones along with the acclaimed Idol 3 and Idol 3 4.7 that released last year. This year during the CES, it is planning to launch its first tablet that is based on the Windows 10 Mobile platform and expected to attract attention. Continue reading

Top Five Smartwatches to Look for in 2016

Top Five Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the latest fad in wearables as people are always wanting more features embedded with the gadget.  Also, with the rising trends in smartwatch apps and new versions of operating systems being launched, these are more than just eye-candy.

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