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Amazon Prime Air Delivery Concept is Transforming Logistics with its new Drone

amzon prime air

A couple of years ago, Amazon was in the news for testing its drone prototype aimed to change the way deliveries are made. With drone delivery in the news, several other companies like Dominos Pizza and DHL started testing the feasibility and practicability of catering to customers using drone technology.

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Micro Drone 3.0 – Presenting the New Edition of Quadcopters with HD Camera!

Micro Drone 3.0

Small, palm-sized quadcopters have a niche interest in a cramped drone market since they are very portable, and also inexpensive. Continue reading

Top 5 Mini Drones by Parrot


The Parrot team has come up with a second generation of ultra-technologically connected Mini Drones that are highly playful drone toys for action on ground, in water and in the air. Continue reading

Amazon Delivery Drone Gets The Much Awaited Approval of FAA

Amazon Delivery Drone

I don’t suspect a time when drones would be common and they would be used by variety of businesses like Food business, Healthcare, E-commerce and many more. The major technology giants of the world are testing their luck on Drones like Facebook, Google, Apple and now Amazon has joined the party. Continue reading