3D Printer for Kids

Doki Watch – The Smart Wearable for Kids with Multiple Features!

Doki Watch

Most wearables for kids do not have much functionality and usually include tracking features only. The new Doki Watch is a rarity as it features advanced features, along with fitness tracking and calling functionality to make it a complete smartwatch for kids. Continue reading

Thinga – A Smart, Kid-Friendly Search Engine that Incorporates Parental Controls


Yahoo Kids disappeared from the tech scene almost two years ago, but its concept maker and inventor was not going to be bogged down by its failure. BJ Heinley, who worked on it for five years, did not want to deprive kids and parents of the search engine.

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The 3D Printer is now Kid-Friendly with Rever 3D!

Rever 3D Printer

The commercial 3D printer space was reserved for designers and has not yet made inroads in the mainstream technology. It has garnered an academic niche. By introducing 3D printing to a new market, kids, Rever 3D is making it count. Continue reading