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Build scalable business applications by leveraging the diverse code features of Xamarin to enhance business growth and revenue generation. Xamarin is an incredible cross-platform app development tool to build a robust, and engaging application.

What We Offer

Xamarin App
Development Services

Our Xamarin app development services are customized to meet your business needs. At Nimblechapps, we offer a wide range of custom solutions & post-deployment support after the product launch.

Xamarin Consultation

The expert Xamarin app developers at Nimblechapps facilitate Xamarin consulting to enterprises from prototyping to development.

Xamarin App Development

We build multi-faceted solutions with our years of experience and skill in Xamarin Mobile app development.

Cross-Platform Development

Code reusability on the Xamarin platform enables our Xamarin developers to save time and money developing your iOS and Android apps.

Xamarin Migration

We offer seamless app migration from old to latest platforms using Xamarin Migration services crafted for usability and consistency.

Custom Xamarin App Development

Our capable custom Xamarin development offering is curated to meet your business requirements.

Support & Maintenance

As a leading Xamarin app development company, we provide two months of free support and maintenance services.

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Industries we serve

We offer web and mobile app development services, and digital marketing solutions to conquer the unparalleled challenges and create value for brands across various industries.

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Key Features of Xamarin

Why choose Xamarin for App Development??

Xamarin is an open-source, renowned cross platform app development platform and offers multiple development tools. Here’s why you should consider Xamarin app development to transform your business.

Rapid App Development

Due to the reusable code, ninety percent of the code can be reused on various platforms for applications, .net libraries etc.

Shared App Logic

Shared App Logic is a key feature of Xamarin used on the UI layer for interaction with database, input validation, and web service calls.

Component Store

Xamarin enables the transfer of components and cooperation which is selected by the developers for efficient development.

User Experience

Xamarin provides periodic updates which ensures a consistent and improved user experience.


Code reusability enables our developers to use the same code that helps you cut down costs effectively.

Use MVC or MVVM Design

Using Xamarin, developers can utilize MVC or MVVM design patterns enabling them to have improved control and visibility of source code.


Why choose Nimblechapps for Xamarin App Development?

Being an esteemed mobile application development company, Nimblechapps is known for offering new-age business solutions at an attractive price around the world. Here’s why we can be your preferred Xamarin app development partner.

Flexible Hiring Models

We provide a flexible model to our partners to select from multiple engagement and hiring models.


When Plan A does not work, we have Plan B and C handy. Our mobile app developers always find a way to live out of the box.


For nimbles, every problem is an opportunity to conquer and leave our mark.

Value Providers

We help our partners gain optimum value with the precise blend of web and mobile app development services.

How We Work

How to Work with Xamarin App Developers?

We offer a one-stop software solution for your business needs. A five step process that offers a high quality application for your business. At Nimblechapps, we proudly follow the agile methodology for scalable results.


Our Business team conducts a comprehensive analysis of your business requirements before we evaluate and set parameters for the design and development phases.


We showcase our core competencies in the domains that will meet your business objectives and offer cost-effective solutions through regular feedback and dialogue.


Once we identify and prioritize requirements, a product roadmap is shared with you that is broken down into milestones for smooth performance and ease of tracking.

Design & Development

As soon as the budget, milestones and features are locked, our design team starts working on the prototypes. Once the prototype is ready, the development team starts the coding process.


Testing is a critical phase where we test every aspect of the application from performance to usability before the app is rolled out on the respective platforms.

Our Arsenal

Tools & Technology





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Visual Studio Code

Android Studio

Android Studio

A One-Stop Solution

What can we do for you?

If you are interested to find out more about how we can help your business, please provide your contact information and project brief. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



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In the initial days, if anyone wanted to build an iOS or Android app, the clear choice for development was Objective-C/Swift and Kotlin/Java respectively. Now, there are more options to develop user-friendly applications and Xamarin is one of them. Essentially, Xamarin is a tool for cross-platform mobile application development that allows developers to reuse 90 percent of code across all major platforms.

Cross-platform app development enables developers to build applications which are compatible with various mobile OS, resulting in faster release of products with better quality and a uniform code base.

The cost of a Xamarin application depends on a number of factors like complexity of the app, number of hours required, number of features, number of screens, complexity of backend etc. The average apps developed by Nimblechapps range in between $5,000 and north of $100,000 and can take anywhere from six months to more than a year.

With more than 7 years of experience in providing cutting-edge digital transformation and mobility solutions, Nimblechapps has been ranked among the top IT Services companies by Clutch.At Nimblechapps, we offer you a number of reasons to choose us, one of them is our carefully designed process.