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In a jam-packed app market, brands require a seamless base of elements that motivates the users to navigate through and revisit, optimizing the mobile experience.

What We Offer

User Experience
Design Services

Nimblechapps is a well-known UI/UX design company that creates designs that are intuitive so the user interaction is seamless. We help companies build strong brands.

User Research

We help you determine what your customers want and expect from your brand to offer a seamless user experience.

Customer Journey Mapping

Our team uses customer journey maps to break down customer experience in multiple stages from product discovery to being a repeat customer.

Design Thinking

With the customer experience in mind, we manage to deliver intuitive, engaging and customer-focused services.

Customer Experience Consulting

Nimblechapps’ CX consulting solutions allows you to focus on clients, understand their requirements and provide a better experience.

Prototyping Services

Nimblechapps’ teams use conceptual prototyping to offer a quality concept of Information Architecture and Interaction design.

User Testing

User testing is at the heart of our design and we provide a variety of options including sampling the average customer base.

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Industries we serve

We offer web and mobile app development services, and digital marketing solutions to conquer the unparalleled challenges and create value for brands across various industries.

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Supply Chain

Travel App



Social Network

Key benefits of UX Design

Why choose UX Design services for your business?

In an evolving business environment, brands need to look for the latest opportunities that can assist them in customer engagement, brand identity and find novel revenue-generating streams.

Brand Building

When you work on providing an improved UI/UX experience, there is a better chance of having more customers and establishing a brand identity.


UI and UX are more than just the look and feel of a website or app, it offers consistency to the developed solution.

More Traffic

If your app or website has a great UI/UX design, it will be easier to attract more traffic and retain customers too.

Customer Satisfaction

Improved design means users will stay longer and it will automatically improve the ROI for your business.


Proper UI/UX design when done right can save your time and money as there is no need for frequent updates.


Why choose Nimblechapps for UX Design?

At Nimblechapps, we provide a variety of branding solutions including UI/UX design that works and we have proven that time and again for hundreds of clients that we have partnered with in the last 7 years.

Result Oriented

We help you understand the role digital can play in identifying opportunities and solving business issues, always focusing on the results generated.

Flexible Hiring Models

We provide a flexible model to our partners to select from multiple engagement and hiring models.

Proven Methods

With the help of agile methodology, we offer streamlined delivery, cost-efficient engagements created to match your business needs.


At Nimblechapps, we provide total project visibility and various open lines of communication right from start to end.


For nimbles, every problem is an opportunity to conquer and leave our mark.

How We Work

How to Work with a UX Design Agency?

We offer a one-stop design solution for your business needs. A four step process that offers a high quality application for your business. At Nimblechapps, we proudly follow the agile methodology for scalable results.

Understand Your Audience

The first step of UX design is to identify a target audience persona and understand their preferences.

Value Proposition

We understand your business vision, mission statement and help you create promotional taglines and marketing slogans which include your USP.

Unique Team

We have a unique team of talented individuals who identifies your business risks and works on your UX design.

Timely Updates

Our UX Design team will provide you timely updates about your brand’s UX design.

A One-Stop Solution

What can we do for you?

If you are interested to find out more about how we can help your business, please provide your contact information and project brief. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



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At Nimblechapps, we provide the following UI/UX design services like:

User Interface design relates to the aesthetic elements using which users interact with a product like buttons, icons, menu bars, colors etc. On the other hand, User Experience relates to the experience a user has when interacting with a product.

At Nimblechapps, we use the following tools for UI/UX design:

At Nimblechapps, you get access to the following benefits like:

The timeline of a UI/UX design project depends on a number of factors like your product category, design complexity, number of screens to design, animation etc. Contact us today with your design requirements to get a definite timeline.

The cost of UI/UX design depends on a number of factors like product category, design elements, design complexity, number of screens, custom animation etc. Contact us to get a free quote today.